TOLA IT & Security Leaders Forum

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    February 04 – 06, 2023

Empowering Innovation: Unpacking the Efficiency of PaaS Solutions in Modern Development

In this discussion, we discuss Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions offering a cloud-based environment for developers to build, deploy, and manage applications without the complexity of maintaining the underlying infrastructure. These scalable platforms provide a suite of tools and services designed to streamline the development process, including middleware, database management, and development tools. We will learn how PaaS enables businesses to focus on innovation and rapid deployment, reducing time-to-market for new software offerings, while offering cost savings and enhanced collaboration across development teams.

Presented by:

Jessica Orozco, General Manager, North America & APAC,

Corey Dockendorf, Strategic Solutions Architect,

Data for DevOps: The Intersection of Data Automation and Data Security

Innovation driven by DevOps, cloud and AI/ML emboldens businesses to expand access to the essential fuel for those programs– enterprise data. At the same time, stringent privacy laws and frequent cyber attacks increase pressure to mitigate sensitive data risks. With more and more interaction shifting to the digital brand experience, how can today’s enterprises effectively unlock the power of their enterprise data and eliminate friction between data usage and data security?

This interactive session discussed the cultural shift modern enterprises are actively engaged in to make data more available, secure, compliant, and resilient.

Presented by:

Charlie Rapier, Americas Vice President, Delphix

Kiran Varanasi, Director, Technology Transformation, Motiva Enterprises

The Role of ERP in Security and AI

The ERP is the backbone of most organizations. Software packages from large vendors such as Oracle and SAP are essential for back-end business operations. But how do they fit into emerging technology strategies such as Cloud, AI/ML, Security, and other competitive growth initiatives? Come to this session to learn about the intersection of ERP and emerging technology and ways to find the right allocation of resources between operations and innovation.

Presented by: Eric Helmer, Chief Technology Officer, Rimini Street

A Seasoned CIO's Perspective of the Future of IT

Ross Tucker, CIO of Texas United Management shares his expert perspective on the evolving landscape of Information Technology, highlighting upcoming trends and challenges. The session delves into the strategic role of IT in driving business innovation and efficiency in the digital age. Attendees will gain a forward-looking view on how emerging technologies are shaping the future of IT and their potential impact on organizations.

Presented by: Ross Tucker, CIO, Texas United Management