Business Analytics Futures: Cloud-based & Al-Technology Enrichened

Two hundred analytics professionals recently completed a SINC survey on their use, satisfaction, and plans for analytics-related tools. It is our assessment that “Analytics Executives” are executives in charge of the day to day analytics processes and operations.

Cloud Management in Healthcare

The progression of the healthcare industry to the use of the cloud continues – gone are the days when few were willing to bet their businesses and their careers on the cloud. Cloud is now mainstream for most healthcare organizations. However, results from a recent survey conducted by SINC USA on behalf of cloud provider Nutanix that explored the degree with which health care organizations embrace the cloud, and their ability to manage and secure simple to complex mixed/hybrid cloud environments identified some key challenges and observations that all organizations can use to forge a path forward.

Strategies for Secure Cloud Transformation

Cloud computing here to stay. Cost and security are the primary hurdles to new cloud and security initiatives. While cost is the leading hurdle for all, security challenges differ as the cloud environment becomes more complex and mature.