The rampant and fast-growing use of generative AI for code development has highlighted potential gaps between developers’ appetites to leverage these tools in stark comparison with security professionals’ readiness to manage the security implications of their use. Join us for a webinar where Snyk’s VP of Product Marketing, Ben Desjardins, how organizations can better prepare themselves to adopt generative AI practices, including:

  • The need for governance and safeguards for how developers are using gen AI tools
  • Where perspectives align and differ with regard to use of gen AI tools across different roles in organization
  • Why its key for AppSec teams to have proper tooling and processes in place to ensure adherence to policies and avoid a spike in insecure code
  • How CISOs can balance the use of generative AI tools from both a productivity and security standpoint

In 2023, we saw the explosion of AI, with modern coding tools such as GitHub Copilot, AWS CodeWhisperer, and ChatGPT coming on to the market. All of these generative AI coding assistants brought AI to the forefront of the news, and propelled AI into a top security priority. In late October 2023, the White House’s new executive order around AI was a timely reminder to organizations that security should be a key concern for any organization leveraging AI.

During this webinar, we covered some ways in which CISOs and their teams can expect to be impacted by generative AI in 2024, getting a better understanding of the top concerns when it comes to securing AI-generated code, how to set their teams up for success, and potential pitfalls to avoid along the way.

As organizations have embraced remote work out of necessity during the pandemic, the market for tech talent has shifted dramatically. Employers can compete for tech talent regardless of location while simultaneously creating a culture that is founded on collaboration and communication. This session will address the unique opportunities the work from anywhere movement have provided to enable a productive and purpose-led organization.

Join this session for a discussion on:

  • What you can do to maximize the benefits of a distributed workforce
  • How you’re thinking about the future of talent and culture
  • How an increasingly remote tech talent landscape can provide more equitable access