Maximize your marketing events budget with SINC

The value of being a sponsor of a SINC IT Leaders Forum is outlined below. These unique attributes add value beyond just directly marketing to IT executives and building a network; they allow all sponsors to make informed decisions and customize each Forum to meet their individual challenges.

Pre-event Insights

All senior level IT executives, or Executive Attendees, that attend a SINC IT Leaders Forum are given a pre-event survey.  This survey asks pointed questions about the attendee, his/her background, current organization and strategic IT buying habits.  SINC provides these survey results during the meeting selection process to allow sponsors to make strategic decisions prior to the event.

Customizable Engagement Opportunities

True customization is rare. By taking the first step in providing a pre-forum call, SINC can strategize with the client additional ways to engage with the top prospects onsite. Areas like priority seating at lunches and dinners with top end user executives, private golf outings with select executives, pre-Forum identification of session participants and many others can create additional value and a truly targeted experience for both the client and the onsite participants. SINC works with all clients to first establish their goals and then determine a way to deliver results. Partnering with SINC early in the planning process is the key to maximizing ROI on your marketing spend.

Detailed Post Forum Reporting

With the average marketing executive managing a minimum of 25 programs per year, it is difficult to track where leads were generated, what sort of follow up has taken place and whether a presentation was well received by the target audience. SINC recognizes that marketing executives cannot be everywhere at once, so we want to paint a detailed picture of the results achieved from each SINC program. Following each Forum, SINC delivers a break down of the event which includes: the results from pre-event marketing, on-site session and private meeting feedback from prospects, names, titles and contact information of the executives attending the event.

In addition to the above details, SINC also reconnects you with any difficult to reach executives that did not have an opportunity to attend the Forum. SINC provides an on-going connection to these executives to increase your visibility and IT solutions to his/her organization. SINC understands that your success is vital to our success and we will go above and beyond to over deliver on your goals.