Southeast IT & Security Leaders Forum

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    March 26 – 28, 2023

Zero Trust / Self Serve Data for DevOps

IT organizations have two imperatives that seem to be at odds with each other: Maximize the velocity and quality of software development efforts – and – protect the firm’s systems and data from an ever increasing spectrum of threats. The teams clamoring for more autonomy and access to production systems, and the teams striving to protect the firm’s assets don’t have be adversaries. In this session you will learn how Delphix’s zero trust – data automation platform combines virtual database replication with the industry’s most efficient masking platform to give developers automated / instant access to protected replicas of production databases. Delphix’s unique approach enables application development teams to dramatically accelerate velocity and quality while at the same time enabling infosec teams to eliminate all the risks of infiltration or exfiltration of sensitive data from non-prod environments.

Presented by: Aaron Jensen, DevOps Strategic Advisor, Delphix

Systems of Experience: The CIO's Role in the Future of Work

The definition of work-life balance has changed, and the nature of work has changed. Life, family, and work are all integrated, we need software solutions that allow us the flexibility to live our lives and attract a diverse talent. Solutions that improve experience locally while allowing us to operate globally removing the friction, increasing productivity improving employee experience and in turn positively impacting the customer experience. Focused on retention and customer satisfaction.

Presented by: Ben Valera, Enterprise Account Executive, Contact Center, RingCentral

Technology Trends 2023

As a research and advisory organization, we have a unique perspective on key trends in technology. This talk will cover the key trends such as generative AI, zero-trust security, recession preparation, Metaverse, digital processes, industry-based data models, recession preparation, environmental/social governance, and their applicability to IT organizations.

Presented by: Mark Roman, CIO & Executive Counselor, Info-Tech Research Group

Back to the Basics – Don’t be Distracted by the Shiny Objects and Buzzwords

Are information security programs learning the lessons from organizations in the news? Probably not, as many of the reported breaches are due to failures of basic information technology processes. Simply put, organizations are failing at fundamental security tasks which if implemented would lead to fewer breaches and greater security for their data.

We will explore the basics, why they matter, and when failure to implement the basics led to breaches.

Presented by: Michael Marsilio, CISO, Paradies Lagardère