Northeast IT & Security Leaders Forum

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    May 7 – 9, 2023

Introduction to Data Lineage: A New Methodology to Data Protection

Data visibility and protection has continued to use the same, problematic approach for the past 25+ years. Regex, keywords, dictionaries, exact data matching, fingerprinting, partial file matching, limited contextual awareness, filetypes, etc. These approaches are useful at times, but are problematic (resource intensive), limited (text-only files), prone to false-positives, and easy to circumvent.

Data Lineage is a new approach that:

  • Identifies how data comes into existence in an organization
  • Monitors data behavior in all the places users create, handle, and distribute data
  • Provides visibility into all the operations and transformations that occur, providing a complete picture of the lifecycle of data and its derivatives
  • Can ultimately be extended to support use cases such as tracking data sprawl and identifying risk across the enterprise within insider risk programs

In this talk, Chris Saucier, Solutions Architect at Cyberhaven, will provide a history of data protection, an overview of data lineage, how the data model can be used to discover data in your environment and how it can be used to discover risk, and how data lineage can be extended beyond visualization.

Presented by: Chris Saucier, Solutions Architect, Cyberhaven

Proactive Threat Hunting for SOC & Incident Responders

This presentation focuses on the proactive approach to detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats within an organization’s SOC and among incident responders. The presentation covered various topics such as the latest techniques and tools in threat intelligence, emerging threat actors, and the importance of a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Presented by: Dane Zielinski, Information Security Manager, TransAm Trucking & Craig Guymon, Lead Solutions Architect, Binalyze