Virtual Roundtable for IT Leaders

Achieving the Benefits of Converged Endpoint Management


Tue, January 23, 2024


2:00 p.m. PST

Join this roundtable discussion to learn how Tanium enhances your existing Microsoft stack to empower more effective and resilient IT operations and security at scale, by combining unprecedented analysis and automation with real-time visibility, control, and remediation.

When attackers strike, it’s a race against the clock. Whether it’s strengthening your defenses or responding to incidents, organizations need streamlined, integrated solutions that address key challenges. Tanium and Microsoft are strategic partners with the best technology stack to simplify your environment, intensify your security, and take action at scale when speed to resolution is mission critical.

This roundtable will be centered around:

  • Enhance endpoint security and compliance
  • Improve system health and performance
  • Run faster investigations and threat-hunting
  • Automate remediation

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About Tanium

Tanium, the industry’s only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), leads the paradigm shift in legacy approaches to managing complex security and technology environments. Only Tanium unifies teams and workflows and protects every endpoint from cyber threats by integrating IT, Operations, Security, and Risk into a single platform that delivers comprehensive visibility across devices, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy for a single shared purpose: to protect critical information and infrastructure at scale.