Dinner for Houston Security Leaders

Develop Software Fearlessly!


Thu, October 19, 2023


5:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST

Sonatype platform empowers speed and security in open-source development. It gives organizations total control of their SDLC for more confidence in every piece of open-source code, source code, and containerized code.

This dinner and discussion will look at how Sonatype unites software developers, application security professionals, operators, engineering leaders, and legal teams to manage their open-source components safely so that they can focus on innovation.

Dinner Agenda

5:00 PM CST Welcome Reception and Arrivals with Refreshments

6:00 PM CST Leadership Discussion

  • Introduction (10 mins) The peer executive will engage the audience for brief introductions and discuss the format and key takeaways from the guided interaction conversation and dinner discussions.
  • Guided Interactive Conversation (30 mins) – It will include key trends and their applicability to IT organizations such as:
    • Block malicious open source at the door – Prevents known and unknown open-source risk from entering your software supply chain.
    • Build fast with centralized components – Monitor and manage all your components and binaries in a central source of truth.
    • Control opensource risk across your SDLC – From development to production and everything in between – How to monitor the health and policy compliance of your opensource components.
  • Open Forum Discussion (35 mins) This discussion will be based on the list of challenges already addressed and will take the format of group brainstorming and open dialogue to come up with suggestions and solutions to common challenges at the executive level.

7:15 PM CST Dinner Service

9:00 PM CST Conclusion

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About Sonatype

Over time, we witnessed the staggering volume and variety of open source libraries that began flowing into every development environment in the world. We understood that when open source components are properly managed, they provide a tremendous energy for accelerating innovation. Conversely, when unmanaged, open source "gone wild"​ can lead directly to security vulnerabilities, licensing risks, enormous rework, and waste.

Our vision today is simple.

We are laser focused on helping organizations continuously harness all of the good that open source has to offer, without any of the risk. In order to do this, we have invested in knowing more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world. This investment takes the form of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human expertise, which in aggregate produces highly curated intelligence that is infused into every Nexus product. Organizations equipped with Nexus products make better decisions, innovate faster at scale, and rest comfortably knowing that their applications always consist of the highest quality open source components.