Virtual Roundtable for Security Leaders

Securing The Flow State: AppSec Posture Management and Developer Experience


Thu, May 2, 2024


1:00 p.m. ET

The emergent category of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) promises to revolutionize the way organizations correlate, prioritize and triage vulnerabilities in modern applications at enterprise scale. But what does this new way of thinking about application risk mean for the builders of software? Join Snyk, the leader in Developer Security, and a panel of industry stakeholders as we explore the capability pillars of ASPM from the lens of Developer Experience (DevEx), and consider questions like:

  • Despite the widespread adoption of “shift-left” as a golden-standard across the enterprise, why is the experience of AppSec still so fragmented and frictionful for developers? What lessons have we learned about the right and wrong ways to shift left?
  • How have recent technology trends changed the nature of software risk, and what is an appropriate shared responsibility model between developers and security teams to address the modern threat landscape?
  • Is it possible to utilize new sources of risk context to rebuild the trust that is typically frayed or missing between development teams and AppSec?


Clinton Herget

Field CTO



Michele Chubirka

Staff Cloud Security Advocate


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