Virtual Roundtable for Security Leaders - How AI can Help and Hurt Secure Software Development

AI & Security: The Good, The Bad, and The Hallucinatory


Thu, March 7, 2024


12:00 p.m. CT

AI is advancing at a stunning rate, with new tools and use cases being discovered each week. Recent developments in LLM-based engines have turned skeptics into believers as AI’s abilities and outputs are tangible and can even seem magical. As with all technology, AI raises both opportunities and challenges for security and development teams looking to boost productivity while managing risk.

Join this discussion to hear from fellow security leaders on the potential benefits and potential pitfalls AI has brought to their business. We will discuss in detail how AI can aid secure development, and we will provide guidance on how security teams can use the benefits and challenges within the context of their programs.

It’s not just about deploying AI for the sake of it; instead, hear how to strategically use AI to enhance your business.

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