Dinner for Houston IT Leaders

Embracing Innovation: Best-of-Breed Emerging Technologies from Silicon Valley ... and Beyond!


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Wed, May 22, 2024


5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. CT

Explore how startups worldwide are reshaping innovation beyond Silicon Valley. Learn how they prioritize client needs, delivering impactful solutions. Discover their market differentiation strategies, from unique tech to disruptive models, highlighting innovation’s role in staying competitive. Join us to navigate the global innovation landscape.


5:00 PM CT Welcome Reception and Arrivals with Refreshments

6:00 PM CT Leadership Discussion

  • Introduction (10 mins)
    The peer executive will engage the audience for brief introductions and discuss the format and key takeaways from the guided interaction conversation and dinner discussions.
  • Guided Interactive Conversation (35 mins) – Topics include:
    • Global Innovation Ecosystem: The session highlights that innovation is not limited to Silicon Valley alone. Startups from around the world are contributing groundbreaking solutions to diverse challenges faced by clients globally. This underscores the importance of tapping into the global innovation ecosystem and being open to ideas and technologies emerging from various regions.
    • Client-Centric Solutions: The startups featured in the discussion are focused on solving real-world challenges for their clients. This emphasis on understanding and addressing the needs of customers reflects a customer-centric approach to innovation. By prioritizing the problems faced by clients, these startups are able to deliver meaningful and impactful solutions that drive value for businesses.
    • Market Differentiation: Each showcased startup emphasizes how their solutions are differentiated in the market. Whether through unique technology, disruptive business models, or innovative approaches to traditional problems, these startups have found ways to stand out amidst competition. This highlights the importance of differentiation in a crowded market landscape, and how innovation plays a key role in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge
  • Open Forum Discussion (30 mins) – This discussion will be based on the list of challenges discussed already and will take the format of group brainstorming and open discussion to come up with suggestions and solutions to common challenges at the executive level.

7:15 PM CT Dinner Service

9:00 PM CT Conclusion

This is guaranteed to be an invaluable discussion for senior leaders responsible for providing a future-ready platform for their business.


Saqib E. Awan

Founder & Managing Director

GTM Capital

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