Over the past year there was a rapid acceleration of organizations’ digital transformation plans. Across industries in every part of the world, these companies were forced to adapt to new business practices, and, in some cases, company leaders had to completely change business models overnight.

In many cases, the pandemic simply supercharged trends that had been building for many years such as flexible work from home arrangements, accelerated cloud adoption, user empowerment & engagement, expansion of social media & IoT into mission critical processes, rapid adoption of blockchains, discovering new use cases for artificial intelligence & machine learning, etc. Equinix expects the transformations and innovations forged in the crisis of the pandemic are here to stay.

As we look to a brighter future, when employees return to offices, international travel returns and normal business practices resume, we want to gather virtually with Equinix, to discuss:

  • The Cloud & Digital Edge – How digital leaders will embrace hybrid and multi-cloud models coupled with edge computing to facilitate their digital transformation.
  • Investing in IT Agility and Flexibility – How businesses are expecting to evolve applications to the next generation to support increased business agility & flexibility.
  • Agility through Hybrid Work Models – How organizations can seize the opportunity to become more agile and develop scalable digital infrastructures tailored to distributed workforces operating in a hybrid working model.
  • Resource Allocation by Digital Leaders for the Future – What areas of IT investment will become more pervasive and how digital leaders will allocate resources to those investments in upcoming years.

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders harness our trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. We enable our customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and multiply their value.

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Session Moderators

Olu Rowaiye

Segment Marketing, Senior Manager


Rob Strickland

Rob Strickland

Former CIO