East IT & Security Leaders Forum

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    October 22 – 24, 2023

Staying Ahead of Evolving Cyber Threats: Strategies for Today's Landscape

The evolution of the cyber threat landscape can create an illusion of unpredictability. Understanding the significance of recent events gives visibility into the shifting dynamics of adversary tactics, which is critical for staying ahead of and ultimately defeating today’s threats. Today’s threat landscape features security concerns that must be shared across all levels of the organization. As security teams assess the evolving threat landscape, what changes are actually required, and what can be done about it?

Join this presentation as we discuss how:

  • Sophisticated adversaries are exploiting stolen credentials and identities to amplify ransomware big game hunting attacks and infiltrate cloud environments
  • Malicious actors are intensifying attacks on critical cloud infrastructure with new, sophisticated approaches
  • Organizations can implement the right combination of security tools to stop an adversary with speed
  • Effective security strategies help address the emerging threat landscape
  • To look ahead to next-level threats

Presented by: Jeff Worthington, Executive Strategist, CrowdStrike

Software Delivery & Customer Experience: Why It Really Matters

Digital Transformation in 2023 has taken on a NEW focus. With COVID and the forcing function of enterprises having to adapt the way they bring applications to market and collaborate; executives and leaders must have solutions that adapt, scale, and secure their assets. In this talk, we are going to discuss how enterprises can continue to equip their teams with solutions that enable speed and accuracy while also being very secure and scalable.

Presented by: Wes Pullen, Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CloudBees

Tracking and Traceability – From Food to Foot– Why It Matters to You?

RFID, IoT (Internet of Things), Tracking, Traceability, Sensors, etc. have been buzz words for quite some time now, but how does it matter to you and impact your lives? From the freshness of food on your grocery store shelves to the efficacy of your vaccines or even tracking your assets, a combination of these technologies touches all of us in some way.

At the vendor level, every Security and Analytics provider will have a big part to play in this emerging market not to mention the core engineering, hardware, and cloud platform providers.

Let’s look at this from a user perspective!

Presented by: Ashok Narayan, Global Director of Applications and Emerging Technology, Tosca Services

Keeping Artificial Intelligence 'real'

Back in 2019, long before modern AI became a hot topic in the media, Rimini Street was developing inhouse machine learning solutions. Four years later learn how keeping AI real in your business can lead to measurable improvements that you can use to deliver better service for your clients.

  • See behind the scenes the impact of patented AI technology
  • Practical measurement and delivery of return on investment
  • Drive internal change and client imagination

Presented by: Craig Mackereth, EVP, Global Service Delivery, Rimini Street

Buying in the C-Suite

We hear a lot of thoughts about selling into a C-Suite. It’s time to talk about it from the perspective of Executives within that suite and how we make buying decisions. We will discuss the various considerations and thought processes that C-Suite executives follow when buying products and services:

  • Requirements vs Features
  • Taking control of the buying schedule
  • Follow through and Execution
  • What products and services are purchased by the C-Suite and which are delegated to other teams?
  • Pet peeves

Presented by: Andy Flatt, SVP/CIO, National Healthcare Corp (NHC Care)