Virtual Event

BFSI IT & Security Leaders On-Demand Sessions

  • Venue

    Dallas, TX

  • Date

    January 24 – 26, 2022

Cybersecurity Trends 2022

Presented by: Carlos Rivera, Principal Research Advisor, Info-Tech Research Group

As part of its research process for the Cybersecurity Trends 2022 Report, Info- Tech Research Group conducted an open online survey among its membership and the wider community of professionals. The survey was fielded from August 2021 through to September 2021, collecting 475 responses. We asked some of the same questions as last year’s survey so we can compare results as well as new questions to explore new trends.

Helping Answer the Age-old Cloud Question, “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Presented by: Chris Tinker, Distinguished Technologist, Finserv, HPE GreenLake, Lance Homer, Director of Business Development, Finserv, Equinix & Malcolm Ferguson, Distinguished Technologist, HPE GreenLake

Finserv organizations seeking to lower costs, enhance scalability, and increase agility have more options than just on-premises and/or public cloud. Consumption-based, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings deployed at the edge deliver the agility and economics of cloud, with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Discover a modern view of hybrid multicloud environments that can:
  1. Reduce the cost and complexity of owning and managing digital infrastructure
  2. Improve application performance
  3. Reduce technical debt and optimize lifecycle management programs
  4. Achieve green IT sustainability objectives

Building the Data-driven Financial Services Firm With Unified Analytics and AI/ML

Presented by: Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem, Vertica

Financial services firms are under pressure to transform. As data volumes grow across their organizations, some firms are turning to real-time and predictive analytics projects that can address the customer experience, regulatory compliance and risk management, and cybersecurity and fraud detection. Yet many companies find themselves with disparate, siloed data volumes that aren’t easily migrated or integrated, and a number of organizational, technical and financial barriers to operationalizing AI & ML. During this presentation, we will share how many financial services firms have accelerated their journey towards becoming data driven by leveraging a distributed unified analytics platform and in-database ML to give analysts and data scientists access to all of their data, and reduce the effort and time required to successfully deploy AI & ML models in production.

Protecting Active Directory

Presentation: Protecting Active Directory: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

Active Directory has become the primary target of almost every newsworthy attack in the last two years. Most of the recent, high-profile attacks started with a compromise of Active Directory. Attackers are using compromised AD credentials to escalate privileges, disable security tools, move laterally in the organization, steal valuable data as attackers execute ransomware. Let us discuss how you can truly protect Active Directory from these attacks. It really is MISSION POSSIBLE!

Speaker: Mark McKie, Area VP-West, Attivo