Virtual Executive Briefing

Innovate, Automate, and Grow with Industry-Specific Cloud Software

In the realm of modern food and beverage manufacturing, achieving enterprise-wide visibility and seamless collaboration are paramount for driving innovation. Challenges with legacy systems and manual processes are leading to a lack of transparency, data discrepancies, and inefficiencies in the business, emphasizing the urgent need for transformative solutions.

If you’re looking address these challenges head on, we invite you to discover the leading industry-specific solutions designed to streamline supply chain processes, accelerate the introduction of new products to market, and embed efficiencies throughout the organization. Join a call with the Infor team to understand how the following capabilities can be applied to your business.

  • Leverage artificial intelligence & machine learning to optimize performance, increase yields and improve sustainability efforts
  • Digitize the supply chain and automate workflows for full visibility and collaboration
  • Integrate acquisitions quickly and expand internationally with world-class multi-company, multisite and multi-country capabilities
  • Streamlining workflows to minimize operating costs and optimize efficiency

How it Works:

This engagement will take place at a time of your choosing with the personalized opportunity to not only determine the key discussion points, but also drive the dialogue in a direction that is important to you and the challenges you face.

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About Infor

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