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Strategies for Secure Cloud Transformation

Affording cloud security depends on how much cloud you have

Authored by Karen Hobert, Member of The Analyst Syndicate

Cloud computing is here to stay. Cost and security are the primary hurdles to new cloud and security initiatives. While cost is the leading hurdle for all, security challenges differ as the cloud environment becomes more complex and mature.

We surveyed 100 North American IT and IT Security leaders on their cloud infrastructure, initiatives, security, and confidence in meeting their cloud transformation needs. Polling took place during the month of July 2020. Respondents represented a cross-section of IT leadership roles from Director level to Executive with 67 IT leaders and 23 security leaders from over 18 industries.

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Author of the Report

Karen Hobert
Member of The Analyst Syndicate

Ms. Hobert has over 30 years’ experience in digital technologies covering a broad range of digital business topics, including messaging, collaboration, content services, social, information security, cloud, web applications, and programming. Over that time, Karen, has been a researcher, market analyst, consultant, programmer, educator, project manager, and writer. Karen was a collaborative application design and developer of business process workflows, content sharing, secure information sharing, disaster response, recovery, and risk mitigation. 

Back in the day when your users were all on the network and your applications resided in your physical data center, it made sense to establish a secure perimeter around your network. But those days are over, the perimeter is gone, and network security is all but irrelevant.

Instead, you need to put your defenses and controls where the connections occur— the internet — so that every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside.

By moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud and untethering employees from their desks, you can realize tremendous advantages in productivity, agility, and cost containment. With our 100% cloud built secure platform, Zscaler can help you make the move to the cloud, securely.

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