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SINC custom digital materials provide clients the ability to display expertise in their field while effectively engaging with prospects by addressing the key challenges they face.

Working with SINC’s Digital Group places your company at the forefront of your target audience. Through on-demand webinars and benchmark reports, we identify key demographic trends and leverage your thought leadership to provide valuable content to both your prospective clients and SINC’s ever expanding community of industry IT and Line of Business leaders.

Benchmark Reports

Generating true sales ready leads in a busy landscape can test even the most savvy marketing leaders, making choosing the right asset and affiliate partner to match your objectives crucial for success. Understanding your customers is the foundation of every successful campaign and that’s where we start.

Modern marketing programs require fresh content to tell stories. Our peer-to-peer survey based research has proven an extremely effective way to identify your customers challenges and, importantly, solve them. To achieve this, we create custom campaigns to answer the most pressing questions facing your prospects, all while highlighting your expertise in the field. This approach ensures you earn their valuable attention by providing information, tips and insight at every stage of the discovery process.


SINC’s Webinars bring together the best in technology strategy & insight. Each webinar includes high level industry speakers and analysts, providing your company with the opportunity to offer key information and advice for viewers to take away and implement in the workplace.

The on-demand viewing approach allows clients to tailor the release date of the event while giving an unlimited timeline for lead generation.

The Result?

Whether you’re simply looking for leads or trying to penetrate key prospective accounts via your thought leadership message, leveraging SINC’s Digital Group can extend the reach of your marketing campaigns and provide you with the tangible results required to stay ahead of the market in this fiercely competitive space.







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