Strategic Partners

We understand in order to deliver great products, it’s imperative to partner with great companies. SINC partners with leading associations, governing bodies, analysts and publications to ensure our quality content reaches a quality audience.

The Analyst Syndicate is a multi-dimensional platform through which the world’s best technology and business analysts publish their research and recommendations. It is also where savvy users and investors can extract maximum value while our sponsors reach a community of both content creators and consumers.

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M37 Ventures is a small group of experts founded by telecom leader Rob Strickland that has helped technology and communications companies make a difference on a global scale since 2006. We assist organizations with implementation of cutting edge technology, executive leadership and product development.

StarCIO helps businesses drive smarter, faster, and more innovative transformation programs leveraging data, analytics, software, automation, and emerging technology. Our focus is on helping businesses mature organizational practices, processes, and technologies by delivering consulting, assessments, and workshops. Our areas of expertise include market research, product development/management, agile management practices, devops, cloud migration and optimization, portfolio management, data/analytics/ai, becoming data driven, and driving organizational and culture change.

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At the CIO Association of Canada, we not only provide our members with an exchange forum for best IT leadership strategies and practices to enhance business results, we are developing a strong voice to ensure that CIOs are represented at key industry and government decision tables. In other words: Growth. Influence. Impact. CIOCAN is a not-for-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues facing CIOs/IT Executives.

The Institute for Digital Transformation helps develop the next generation of transformational digital leaders who can transform our organizations for the digital era.

Through our network of Institute Fellows, we explore the impacts on companies and their leaders as we transition from the Industrial to the Digital Era. Based on actual experiences and industry research, we produce a wide range of insightful and thought-provoking content and services. All of which prepares leaders for the Digital Era and guides them in transforming their companies into Digital Enterprises.

The Digital Readiness Institute helps both individuals and organizations thrive in the digital age. It achieves this through its portfolio of online courses focusing on Business Transformation, Career Development and Digital Transformation.

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Blackfish is a business technology partner that helps optimize technology-led organizations. Over 80 years of combined experience, we are established leaders in the IT industry. We provide highly experienced leadership in retail, healthcare, banking, aerospace and defense, insurance industries and more. Our mission is to provide quick, immediate, cost-effective results through meaningful partnerships.

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The MAPS Institute is dedicated to helping people find and sustain balance in their lives so that they can simultaneously be more productive and effective at work, have deeper and more fulfilling relationships, and live a more meaningful life.

The MAPS program, and the philosophy it supports, was developed by Laura Araujo and represents the intersection of her research, training as a classical vocalist, yoga instructor, and sound therapist, as well as the research and work of her husband, Charles Araujo, on the impact of technology as we exit the Industrial Age.

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