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A brief introduction to the forum and overview of what to expect over the coming days followed by the Keynote Presentation.

Today, leaders driving transformation programs are investing in customer experience, automation, agile practices, DevOps, and analytics to ensure competitiveness as industries transform. These are the table stakes for IT leaders, and they must drive smarter, faster, and innovative transformation programs to drive growth and profitability. Success will require IT leaders to empower their organizations with self-service technologies, succeed with change management programs, and enable differentiating capabilities with a combination of artificial intelligence and IoT. Hear from Isaac Sacolick, author of Driving Digital, contributing editor at CIO and InfoWorld, and President of StarCIO on how IT leaders must steer their transformation programs to succeed in digital’s post-COVID wave.

Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

Arbitrary mandates, “cloud first” policies, and objectives to move “x” percent into cloud “must-do” pushes from your IT department can often lead to excessive cost and inefficiencies—especially right now. For CFOs and CEOs, building an optimal technology strategy requires understanding the real business objectives along with a massive commitment from your entire organization. To do it right, you need financial analysis tools that not only provide a framework for developing an efficient, secure, and successful technology strategy but also help achieve consensus and budget for implementation.

In this interactive webinar, longtime technology consultant Steven Kaplan, author of The ROI Story: A Guide for IT Leaders, will lay out his framework to help you better evaluate the real value of your company’s technology spending.

Steve Kaplan, VP Customer Success Finance, Nutanix


Modernizing IT starts with deploying an efficient, agile hybrid cloud architecture – but this is easier said than done. Legacy status quo bias alongside a frequently imprecise public cloud strategy lead to lengthy and costly migration journeys.

Just as Nutanix revolutionized legacy storage with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), so is it now revolutionizing hybrid cloud. Nutanix makes it possible to determine which applications should be in public, and which in private cloud – and then to quickly migrate appropriate workloads without requiring application refactoring or re-platforming. And Nutanix reduces the cost of both the public cloud and on-premises environments in the process.

Nutanix invites you to join a roundtable with IT leaders. This is a great opportunity to learn what type of challenges and opportunities your peers have encountered in their IT modernization journeys.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Steve Kaplan, VP Customer Success Finance, Nutanix

Tim McCallum, Nutanix

Join a team with your peers to take on the SINC IT & Security Leader Quiz & Networking Hour with some amazing prizes up for grabs!

Remote work has quickly gone from a trend to a necessity, and the speed of this shift has placed both companies and employees in a challenging position. During this session, you will take away key strategies and insight from real-world experience about what it really takes to enable remote work. Join to learn about:

  • Empowering employees with effective, combined communications and collaboration tools
  • Balancing long-term and short-term work-from-home strategies

Addressing rapidly changing challenges with solutions to engage the mobile workforce Why an open platform is key to maximizing your UCaaS investment.

Sangeeta Walsh, Sr. Director Product Marketing, RingCentral

Amir Hameed, VP, Global Solutions Engineering, RingCentral

2020 has seen flexible work strategies become an essential part of business. As the dust settles, many organizations are looking at how they can maximize the employee and customer experience while maintaining effective and productive remote work now and in the future. RingCentral invites you to join a panel of your peers to share insights and best practices.

Moderated by: Brett Gavin, Sr Account Executive, RingCentral

As a Virtual Mobility Service (VMS) provider, Hypori delivers an ultra-secure, centrally managed, reduced-cost BYOD solution that employees want to use. With Hypori Virtual Mobility, you maintain 100% separation of personal and enterprise data with zero device footprint. A mobilized workforce is our present and our future state of work. A virtual mobility solution like Hypori allows employees to use personal devices while maintaining privacy. Hypori provides the highest cybersecurity levels and addresses enterprise-wide technology needs. Come explore Hypori with us and understand how VMS can support your organization.

Sebastian Shahvandi, Chief Revenue Officer, Intelligent Waves

Brian Kovalski, SVP, Hypori

As the importance of a robust security infrastructure continues to grow, many organizations are struggling, stuck in a notion that security hinders innovation. However, many would argue this is not the case and an effective cybersecurity platform can in fact accelerate innovation.

In this session, we will discuss how to utilize cybersecurity technologies and strategies to provide a bedrock of innovation across products and processes.

Peter Luban, Head of Cybersecurity & IT Risk, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Join your peers for the Virtual Escape Room Experience and work in teams to beat the clock!

Places are limited. Details on how to join will be sent out to registered attendees!

The job of the security executive is tough. Changes to the professional landscape as a result of the pandemic have presented new challenges as businesses adopt work from home policies. Executives are now being asked to produce more with less during a time of ever-growing threat sophistication–to say these are unprecedented times is an understatement. Successful leaders are having to pivot, and adopting a threat-informed defense strategy is one of the best ways to do so. Threat frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK offer tremendous opportunity for you to reshape your security program and bring constant validation of effectiveness, create meaningful and real metrics to measure and benchmark performance, and model emergent threats to know where you really stand. This talk will walk you through the many use cases that can lead you down a tractable path of security optimization.

Clayton Chandler, CISO, Credit Suisse

Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer, AttackIQ

In the debate over an all-in-one cybersecurity platform versus best of breed solutions, the overwhelming majority lean towards best of breed in order to leverage the most impactful technology. However, does true best of breed exist? This session will look to explore this debate and how to implement a best of breed strategy when tech doesn’t necessarily integrate with other tech.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Moderated by:

Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer, AttackIQ

Rick Hankins, Sales Director, AttackIQ

Pedro Vidal, AttackIQ

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