The Key to Building Effective Communities

On-Demand Session

Release date: Thursday, March 25


Julie O’Brien, CMO, AttackIQ

May Mitchell, SVP Marketing, iboss

Carlos Doughty, CEO & Founder, MarTech Alliance

Moderated by: Jason Cenamor, Chief Product Officer, SINC USA

2020 highlighted the true need and impact a community can have on your company’s success by simply engaging and providing education around your products. Building an effective community creates a platform for your loyal customers to advocate for your brand but how do you do this effectively, manage and monetize a community?

Join SINC and leading technology industry marketing executives to learn how they have created effective communities and the challenges they have faced while doing so.

During this session, we will discuss a range of areas including:

  • What defines a true community
  • How to begin building a community
  • How to effectively manage a community
  • How to monetize a community

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