Driving Virtual Event Audience Engagement

On-demand Session


Stephanie Brouillette, Director of Events and Partnerships, Info-Tech Research Group

Elissa Robins, Director of Marketing, SADA

Moderated by: Jason Cenamor, Chief Product Officer, SINC USA

With the many ongoing virtual events taking place over the last year, keeping attendees engaged throughout an event has been a key pain point for marketers.  Due to busy schedules, many attendees find themselves registering to receive the on-demand version and while the attendee can still gain value afterwards, they are missing key engagements that take place during the event. During this session, we will tackle how to create and maintain engaging virtual events that keep attendees active throughout and in turn provide value for your audience.  

Key discussion points:

  • Innovative ways to create engagement virtually
  • Incentives to keep the audience active throughout the event
  • Key data points to track engagement levels
  • Event promotion that drives attendance

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