TOLA IT & Security Leaders Forum Presentations

San Antonio, TX | October 24 - 26, 2021

Presentation: Tech Trends: Thriving Through Disruptive Change

The pandemic and the economic fallout that it brought caused many businesses to go bankrupt, unable to adapt to the disruption of shutting down physical operations and interacting with customers and employees digitally. It’s the latest reminder that to survive in today’s economy, organizations must build resilience to withstand the next major market disruption. To thrive, they must create the capabilities that will seize on the opportunities brought by change.

In our Tech Trends Report we’ll explore three trends that help create resilience in the face of disruption:

  • Digital sustainability – apply technology towards the goal of achieving cost savings in energy reductions and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Machine learning by design – make machine learning a core part of your value proposition.
  • Self-sovereign cloud – maintain maximum control over your infrastructure with encryption, data sovereignty compliance, and optimal infrastructure.

We’ll also examine three trends that create a flexible enterprise for the future:

  • Distributed autonomous organizations – break away from the work hub model and strengthen your organizational network to create a platform for success.
  • Venture architecture – define the capability for continuous reinvention from within.
  • Citizen developer 2.0 – make technology solutions outside of the IT department a reality with no-code and low-code tools that take advantage of machine learning.

Speaker: Mike Higginbotham, Executive Counselor,  Info-Tech Research Group

Presentation: What is Deception and Why it is Critical in Today’s Security and Identity Stack?

Diving into the universe of Deception as it pertains to modern day security

Speaker: Mark McKie, Area VP-West, Attivo

Presentation:  Self-Learning AI: Redefining Enterprise Security

In this new era of cyber-threat, characterized by both slow and stealthy attacks and rapid, automated campaigns, static and siloed security tools are failing – and the challenge has gone beyond one that is human-scalable. Organizations need to urgently rethink their strategy to ensure their systems, critical data and people are protected, wherever they are. Today’s Autonomous, Self-Learning defenses are capable of identifying and neutralizing security incidents in seconds, not hours – before the damage is done In this session, learn how self-learning AI:

  • Detects, investigates and responds to threats – even while you are OOTO
  • Protects your entire workforce and digital environment – wherever they are, whatever the data
  • Defends against zero-days and other advanced attacks – without disrupting the organization

Speaker: Kathryn Eckhart, Sales Director, Darktrace

Presentation: Digital Transformation through Secure Intelligent Automation Empowering a Hybrid Workforce

Speaker: Andy Burns, Solutions Engineer and Technical Evangelist, Blue Prism

Presentation: Increased Efficiency & Effectiveness Across Your Security Organization with Virtual Mobility Service (VMS)

Why spend time, money and resources protecting hundreds to thousands of devices as a means of protecting your data? Instead – secure the data, not the device. Hypori is a highly secure Streaming Operating System that allows users to access and interact with their most sensitive corporate applications and data without any data ever residing on the device. Hypori make truly secure BYOD a reality with zero data footprint and 100% data separation. 

Speaker: Philip Goodrich, Partners & Alliances Hypori

Presentation: Full Cloud Platform for Continuous Global IT, Security, and Compliance Assessment

The past year has brought into stark relief the need for organizations to have strong, cloud-based security and compliance policies. As companies engage in swift digital transformation, cybersecurity now plays a much larger role and requires us to change how we have operated in the past. Stitched-together security stacks that collect data in fragments, cannot scale, and do not interoperate are no longer viable options. Instead, security teams need an end-to-end cloud platform that gives them visibility across all their IT assets no matter where they are along with automated threat prioritization, patching and response capabilities. Given the severity of today’s threats, a full cloud platform will also need to do these things continuously, even across third-party cloud platforms, so your team can always assess the organization’s global IT, security, and compliance posture. Join our conversation as we discuss the challenges our security platforms face as well as best practices for building a next-generation cloud platform that collects and analyzes telemetry data in real time for continuous threat response.

Speaker: Shane Kroening, Technical Account Manager, Qualys

Presentation: Crawl, Walk, Run Your Segmentation Strategy

While there are varying definitions of what zero trust actually is, there is one thing everyone can agree on – segmentation is a key pillar.  Another thing everyone can agree on?  Segmentation is hard.  This presentation will highlight a way to begin your zero trust journey leveraging enforcement boundaries which will enable you to protect your digital crown jewels as you work through your end to end zero trust plan.

Speaker: Christer Swartz, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer Illumio

Presentation: Cybersecurity Careers: Trade Skills for the New Decade

When it comes to the cyber shortage, the need is incredible: an estimated 4 million professionals are needed worldwide. Traditional false perceptions—for example, that cyber is a monolithic career—must be identified and challenged in order to to realign towards developing the talent we need. 
In this critically informative session, Dr. Jason Edwards will share insights from his extensive background in cybersecurity and his 20-year military career, lay out strategies for developing the crucial talent necessary to the current moment and for the future, and lead a dynamic discussion with Q&A.

Speaker: Dr. Jason Edwards, Strategy Principal of Information Security, USAA