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2022 Forum Agenda

A Guide to Guided-SaaS – and Why XDR is Only an Acronym, Not a “Secure-all” Solution

We hear a lot of acronyms in our world – typically it’s the hot new, shiny thing in security – but what is our industry doing to help guide you through the process of detecting, investigating, and responding to active threats? “Set it and forget it” isn’t good enough – but guiding you through the process, procedures, and scenarios to enable success should be a priority as well. In this sessions you will learn more about the following

  1. Guided-SaaS NDR– a journey from the core to the cloud – with help, not just software and a subscription.
  2. Acronym Soup and why no one seems to agree on what these new solution sets really mean (XDR, etc)
  3. Why are people investing in solutions that come with product AND people – together?
  4. How Gigamon makes other solutions better – API for an eye.
  5. Best Security Memes will win a prize.

Speaker: Ned Peterson, Regional Sales Director, Gigamon

Presented by: Gigamon

Zero Trust in Action: The Next Level

Leveraging Zero Trust can modernize your business to improve productivity and performance, enhance business agility, and reduce operating costs. We will walk through each step of a successful journey—from providing users secure remote access to leveraging zero trust to secure on-prem users, applications, and infrastructure. We’ll dive into overcoming the unique challenges of securing collaboration tools such as M365 quickly, cost-effectively, and devoid of complexity.


Optimizing Application Performance in a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform World

If IT exists to ensure applications run, are we solving the right problem by focusing on observability? The software defined datacenter allows everything to be managed in code rather than sending humans to pull levers, but we still need to solve the problem of how to assure performance. This session will dig into the opportunity that SDDC has introduced across multicloud, multiplatform environments and how software can deliver more than observability. We will focus on the outcomes provided by SDDC: assuring application performance while eliminating waste and maintaining compliance.

When it comes to the cyber shortage, the need is incredible: an estimated 4 million professionals are needed worldwide. Traditional false perceptions—for example, that cyber is a monolithic career—must be identified and challenged in order to realign towards developing the talent we need. 

In this critically informative session, Dr. Jason Edwards will share insights from his extensive background in cybersecurity and his 20-year military career, lay out strategies for developing the crucial talent necessary to the current moment and for the future, and lead a dynamic discussion with Q&A.

Speaker: Dr. Jason Edwards, Chief of Staff to the CISO, Director of Shared Services, USAA

Building an Effective API Security Strategy for Today’s Digital Enterprise

The Anatomy of a “Good” API

APIs are now at the core of modern business, yet we continue to see how “bad” APIs lead to business disruptions, fraud, and theft of critical business and sensitive data. While it is easy to perform after-the-fact API autopsies to understand where it all went wrong, we seem to lack guidelines on how to build and operate “good” APIs. This session will cover the aspects of what a “good” API looks like throughout the API lifecycle, including testing, management, operations, security, and non-functional requirements. 

Speaker: Matt Tesauro, DevSecOps and Security Automation Advocate, Noname Security

Presented by: Noname Security 

Controlling Complexity: Focus on Fundamentals to Manage and Secure Tomorrow’s Assets

The increase in the number of devices, device types, users, and solutions makes it more challenging and important than ever to manage and secure our environments. Join this roundtable discussion to share your best practices and common pitfalls when it comes to focusing on the fundamentals of asset management and cyber health.

As businesses adopt more flexible, hybrid workplaces, one thing is becoming clear: digital employee experience matters now more than ever.

But although 90% of C-level execs agree DEX has become more important since the pandemic — and 67% of IT leaders say it’s a critical priority — only 7% of employees are completely satisfied with their digital experiences.

 So why is there a divide?

 We’ll take an inside look at our recent report, The Future of Digital Workplace, to uncover:

  • The priority DEX is given within different organizations across the globe
  • Divides among C-level, IT leaders, and employees about digital employee experience
  • The impact DEX can have on productivity and business outcomes
  • How and where technology can play a key role in improving DEX

Presented by: Lakeside Software

Improving the Digital Experience of Customers and Employees

Roadmap to Sustainable Hyperautomation

Our new normal has resulted in the default of digital and hybrid work, which has led to tremendous pent-up demand for speed, efficacy, and democratization of process automation and data integration. It’s not just about “technical” debt, but also about “process” debt. The root cause is an extensive and expensive amount of business processes underpinned by a patchwork technology that are often not connected, consistent or explicit. Learn how to build a roadmap to sustainable and optimized hyperautomation.

Not All AI is Created Equal: Understanding the Differences of AI/ML/DL

Machine learning is a big step forward in combating cyberattacks, but is still no match for the exponential increase in threat vectors and ransomware we are seeing today. Detection and response-based solutions are no longer sufficient as damage can already be done while waiting for the execution of an attack. Security teams are at the center of the storm, in a war of attrition against nation states, ransomware gangs, and other well-funded bad actors. Executives and security leaders need to start adopting a preventative approach to cybersecurity, which is only made possible through deep learning.

Deep learning is proven to be the most effective cybersecurity technology, resulting in unmatched prevention rates with proven lowest false positive rates.
This session will cover:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning – Differences between AI/ML/DL
  • Applying deep learning as a preventative approach to cybersecurity
  • Advantages of using deep learning to autonomously block any threat in milliseconds

Presented by: Deep Instinct 

Extracting Value from your Data: Building a Digital First and Data-Driven Enterprise

Extracting value from your data assets has never been more critical as online activity continues to ramp up during and post-pandemic. In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, rapid and well-informed decision making is essential to keep ahead of competitors.

We will discuss what solutions can help integrate, govern and control data sets from various sources, and how democratizing your organization’s data assets is a way of empowering your workforce to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, and move on from a culture of creating reports into one which turns data into actionable insights.

Topics to be discussed include: 

  • Converting raw data into valuable business insights 
  • Developing a data-driven culture, driving adoption across all department 
  • Getting value from all your organisation’s datasets 
  • Breaking down silos to create a collaborative, data-driven approach 
  • Understanding how pacesetters are using data to be more agile in how they develop products and make decisions

Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure

As the boundaries between operational and information technology fade, CIO’s understand the importance of leveraging OT to accelerate digitalization. Establishing one single technology team creates a certain synergy without having to duplicate teams and skillsets, generating cost efficiencies and quicker time to value.

Topics to discuss:

  • How to create a single Technology team with a Multiple Operating Model to support IT and OT
  • Merging with Strategic Focus – Addressing operational challenges
  • Scaling for productivity – Automation impacts
  • Creating a Single Source of Truth for Data and Analytics

Speaker: Sudhakar Virupakshi, Chief Information Officer, Buckeye Partners

Accelerating System Modernization with Test Automation

Learn and discuss the key ingredients for success in your digital transformation journey to help your organization accelerate software development cycles and unify IT & business goals.

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