TOLA IT & Security Leaders Forum Agenda

Sunday, February 23

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Monday, February 24

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SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, kicks things off and sets the tone for the day with insight in to the various sessions taking place and how to take full advantage of your participation.

Leaders driving transformation programs today are investing in customer experience, automation, agile practices, DevOps, and analytics to ensure competitiveness as industries transform. These are the table stakes for IT leaders, and they must drive smarter, faster, and innovative transformation programs to drive growth and profitability. Success will require IT leaders to empower their organizations with self service technologies, succeed with change management programs, and enable differentiating capabilities with a combination of artificial intelligence and IoT.

How are IT leaders must steer their transformation programs to succeed digital’s second wave?

Speaker: Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

The digital enterprise is constantly expanding, with new IoT, cloud, and operational technologies all challenging traditional notions of cyber security. Safeguarding these evolving environments against machine-speed attacks has never been more difficult.

Yet the digital battleground now features its most formidable defender in Cyber AI — a self-learning technology that distinguishes friend from foe in order to thwart threats autonomously. With a Cyber AI Platform protecting your entire infrastructure in real time, it doesn’t matter whether the attack originates on a connected device, an industrial system, or in the cloud. Wherever it strikes, the AI fights back in seconds.   

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why only Autonomous Response can counter today’s machine-speed attacks
  • Where advanced threat actors exploit vulnerabilities in the cloud and IoT
  • What achieving 100% visibility can reveal about your organization’s risk profile
  • How the Cyber AI Analyst reduces the time spent triaging threats by 92%

Speaker: Trey Zenker, Cyber Security Executive, Darktrace

A CISO is hired to optimize organization-wide security and to improve the security posture. Using pen testing, vulnerability assessments, and other traditional testing methods, the security team can evaluate the organization’s security posture. However, a quarterly pen-test does not allow the CISO to know on a daily basis if the organization is protected at that moment. A CISO’s security posture program should include:

  • Continuous testing and security controls validation

  • Prioritizing and removing controls which are overlapping or not performing well

  • Knowing the risks and gaps across the full kill chain

  • Receive recommended remediation in a prioritized list

Speaker: John Leadford, Regional Director – TOLA, Cymulate

How the City of Austin is transforming the way technology is delivered and secured.


Wendi White, Deputy CISO, City of Austin

Ying Chan, Chief of IT Operations, City of Austin

Most organizations implement Data Encryption Keys to secure data. However, how many are sure that their encryption is allowing interoperability with all of its clients to achieve their fullest business potential? That they are reaching their full business potential? OASIS KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) enables such opportunity yet not many organizations take advantage of this resource. In this session, the Speaker is going to discuss the current trends in the Data Encryption, options available in the market, advantages of OASIS KMIP, what enterprise architects must include when designing their products and solutions, and why we should demand KMIP compliant solutions from vendors.


Speaker: Naga Vinod Duggirala, Chief Security Architect

Is deception technology only for mature security operations or is it an effective cyber security solution to help companies mature their capabilities? Organizations continue to build their security stacks, yet advanced threats and insiders continue to breach networks and extract valuable data. Learn how deploying decoys throughout your environment can build the bridge strengthening all the levels in your security stack. Join us for this session where you’ll hear about real-world deployment experiences, the value customers are realizing, and what Red Teams are saying about deception-based threat detection.

Speaker: Mark McKie, Area Vice President, Attivo

What’s the best approach to enterprise security? The prevailing consensus in the industry has generally been threat or compliance-based approaches, but many organizations struggle to strike the right balance technical tools and practical outcomes.  The answer is to focus on reducing risk. All operational outcomes must be framed in terms of profit, loss, and risk reduction. Find out how security intelligence is helping organizations measure risk and drive security outcomes that measurably reduce risk. 

Speaker: Levi Gundert, SVP Global Intelligence, Recorded Future

The world of cyber security is constantly evolving and as such security and privacy practitioners need to continue to adapt to protect their information assets. In this ever changing world it is crucial that companies employ effective strategies to improve their security posture. This session will look at the trends in cyber security, the evolving threats to organizations, and what some of the most effective strategies can be employed to reduce risk. In addition we will discuss the pitfalls that have plagued organizations efforts to prevent data breach and loss.

Speaker: Michael Gutsche, Chief Security Strategist, Micro Focus

As the importance of a robust security infrastructure continues to grow, many organizations are struggling, stuck in a notion that security hinders innovation. However, many would argue this is not the case and an effective cybersecurity platform can in fact accelerate innovation.

In this session, we will discuss how to utilize cybersecurity technologies and strategies to provide a bedrock of innovation across products and processes.


Matt Singleton, CISO, State of Oklahoma

Marc Crudgington, CISO, Woodforest National Bank

Less Stoltenberg, CISO, MD Anderson

Manny Moyosore, CISO, Clear Channel

Organizations are challenged to strike a balance between security teams who want a Zero Trust approach and employees who desire seamless Zero Touch access. Bridging that gap is Artificial Intelligence and a Zero Trust Architecture. This session will discuss how adaptive security and artificial intelligence protects all endpoints through contextual and continuous authentication.

Speaker: Troy Bigby, Sr. Manager, BlackBerry

It’s clear that while 5G presents a wealth of opportunity for innovation, but it will not be without its challenges. During this session we will explore the endless opportunities 5G can provide while covering the key steps to ensure you make the most out of this revolutionary change in the industry.

Speaker: Bobby Perkins, SVP global Network & Infrastructure, Bank of America

We will discuss the challenges, architectural patterns, and process improvements to make data protection in non-production and real-time streaming environments feasible. Using real-world examples, we will show you how to measure risks and how to protect these environments initially and on-going with process efficiency.

Specifically, how to:

Deal with integrated data environments where data needs to be protected consistently and potentially across different types of data sources.

Deal with data sets that are located on-prem, in public cloud, and/or in other countries sometimes held by partners.

Do this at scale for ever-increasing data volumes with a workforce rarely all located in the same place, let alone the same country.

Speaker: Ilka Taskaya, Principal Solutions Engineer, Delphix

Mobile devices are a critical tool for productivity in today’s mobile first, cloud driven world, but how are we protecting the data being accessed outside of the perimeter? With mobile proliferating across the enterprise, a new approach to security is required to address the newly emerging challenges and risks.

Speaker: Luke Hancock, Regional Director – TOLA, Lookout

Today, the primary CEO priority is growth, with technology as a key enabler. However, vendor policies pose major roadblocks to innovation, growth and competitive advantage by forcing you to spend limited budget, resources and time on projects that may not drive your business. ​Learn how you can take control of your IT roadmap by choosing a Business-Driven Roadmap designed around your business objectives and not the vendor’s. Leverage vendor software, but do it on your terms, on your timetable and with the flexibility, funding and freedom to focus on initiatives that support growth and competitive advantage.​

Speaker: Gala Lyne, VP – South Central Region, Rimini Street

As businesses and organizations embrace their own digital transformation (DX) journey, change management becomes a critical success factor. However, success heavily depends on the people using the technology. Change management goes beyond acquiring an executive sponsor or providing staff training, it is about changing the mindset of the employees, impacts to their daily routine and how to operationalize it. The promise of rapid deployment and time to value hinge on having a strong change management program in place. How do we can change adopted across all levels of the company?


Ross Tucker, CIO, Texas United Corporation

Kyle Seiter, CIO, Acelity

Tony Moore, CIO, Prairie View A&M University

Kristy Bonner, Director of IT, NCH

SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, concludes the day by providing an overview of some of the key discussion points raised during a day packed full of content. 

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Tuesday, February 25

AI experimentation and implementation across the public and private sector is increasing exponentially, with the healthcare industry is leading the way. It is powering the next generation of healthcare in unimaginable ways. Contrary to belief, much of this can be translated in to other industries. So what can IT and Security leaders learn from AI innovation within healthcare?

Session led by Info-Tech Research Group

With every industry moving toward increasingly “connected” digital ecosystems, the challenges for cybersecurity have grown exponentially.  Constantly evolving threats have overwhelmed traditional approaches to security and given rise to a new generation of deception technology.  Determining the best option for your organization can be daunting. This session will help you cut through the noise to understand the key considerations and best practices of deception technology so you can evaluate and select the proper solution for your enterprise. “Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well.” – Samuel Butler

Speaker: Oleg Goldshmidt, CTO, TrapX

A hybrid cloud strategy enhances business flexibility by allowing them to address their needs using a combination of public cloud, software as a service (SaaS) and in-house IT resources. This hybrid strategy is the new operating model for IT, proven to boost innovation, ensure compliance in the public cloud, while reducing overall complexity and keeping costs under control.

During this session, we will be discussing the reasoning behind a hybrid cloud strategy, its impact on operations, process, compliance and most importantly, your people

Session led by Nutanix

Data Storytelling offers a more collaborative way of communicating findings than data visualization or reporting alone. This session will explore the evolution of data and analytics that will increasingly drive every business moment and outcome.

Speaker: Brian Morovitz, Director, Trend Micro

The way we work is changing. Technological advancements, an increasingly varied workforce, and new employee demands are triggering fundamental shifts in the working world. Join us to learn more about the expansion of the remote and distributed workforce, in line with future of work trends, and how a unified approach to cloud-based communications and collaboration can help to engage employees and improve productivity across the digital workplace.

Speaker: Colleen White, Group Product Manager, Fuze

Account Take Over attacks have become a major issue for many retail and online services companies.  To reduce the effectiveness of these attacks it’s critical to remove the financial incentive from the attacker AND unmask the person who profited from selling the tools used for account take overs.  Reducing the potential for monetizing their efforts and increasing the personal risk removes thousands of attackers equation. Unmasking the person who developed the account “checker” exposes him or her to law enforcement scrutiny further reduces the number of attackers using their tool or it’s derivative.  The GameStop CISO will discuss the process and tools used to track one of the more prolific developers of account checking software and uncover his true identity.

Speaker: Jim Motes, CISO, GameStop

Technology and operations have never been closer. As technology continues to drive the business and organizations of all sizes become ‘technology first’, the CIO has found a natural evolution into the world of operations. But how far does this journey go? Will the CIOs of today be the CEOs of tomorrow?

Speaker: Kyle Seiter, CIO, Acelity

SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, concludes the Forum by providing an overview of some of the key discussion points raised during an event packed full of content and conversations.