Southeast IT & Security Leaders Forum Agenda

Sunday, November 1

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Monday, November 2

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SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, kicks things off and sets the tone for the day with insight in to the various sessions taking place and how to take full advantage of your participation.

Are you inspired by the recent advancements in AI? Are people in your organization fearing job losses? Do you not know where to start or what to focus on to ensure your organization’s competitiveness in the disruptive world of AI, machine learning, and analytics? Isaac will review the latest data on AI adoption in the enterprise and share five critical areas to guide your organization.

Session led by Isaac Sacolick, Founder of StarCIO

A hybrid cloud strategy enhances business flexibility by allowing them to address their needs using a combination of public cloud, software as a service (SaaS) and in-house IT resources. This hybrid strategy is the new operating model for IT, proven to boost innovation, ensure compliance in the public cloud, while reducing overall complexity and keeping costs under control.

During this session, we will be discussing the reasoning behind a hybrid cloud strategy, its impact on operations, process, compliance and most importantly, your people

Session led by Nutanix

Among rapidly evolving technological advancements, the emergence of AI-enhanced malware is making cyber-attacks exponentially more dangerous and harder to identify. In the near future, we will begin to see supercharged, AI-powered cyber-attacks leveraged at scale. To protect against Offensive AI attacks, organizations are turning to defensive cyber AI, which can identify and neutralize emerging malicious activity, no matter when, or where, it strikes.

In this session, learn about: 

  • Paradigm shifts in the cyber landscape 
  • Advancements in offensive AI attack techniques
  • The Immune System Approach to cyber security and defensive, Autonomous Response capabilities 
  • Real-world examples of emerging threats that were stopped with Cyber AI

Speaker: Gautam Bhayani, Cyber Security Account Manager, Darktrace

While finding talent today may not be as challenging, attracting and retaining them can be.  We all too often focus on the upcoming generation titles and traits, trying to define what they want and how we can provide it.  Finding the intersection of what your company can genuinely offer as an experience with what they want is the value proposition that defines acceptance or rejection.  Chances are your people leaders today are of a different generation class, which may mean “flexible” is perceived more like “lazy.” How you connect these generations is the key to leading in the divide.

Speaker: Nathaniel Arnold, VP & CIO of the Americas, GE Gas Power

Most organizations implement Data Encryption Keys to secure data. However, how many are sure that their encryption is allowing interoperability with all of its clients to achieve their fullest business potential? That they are reaching their full business potential? OASIS KMIP(Key Management Interoperability Protocol) enables such opportunity yet not many organizations take advantage of this resource. In this session, the Speaker is going to discuss the current trends in the Data Encryption, options available in the market, advantages of OASIS KMIP, what enterprise architects must include when designing their products and solutions, and why we should demand KMIP compliant solutions from vendors.

Speaker: Skip Kimpel, CIO, 4R Restaurant Group

Is deception technology only for mature security operations or is it an effective cyber security solution to help companies mature their capabilities? Organizations continue to build their security stacks, yet advanced threats and insiders continue to breach networks and extract valuable data. Learn how deploying decoys throughout your environment can build the bridge strengthening all the levels in your security stack. Join us for this session where you’ll hear about real-world deployment experiences, the value customers are realizing, and what Red Teams are saying about deception-based threat detection.

Session led by Attivo Networks

How can access management keep up with a multi-vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack), multi-role (3rd party, developer, database admin) and multi-protocol (SSH/RDP/HTTPS) world where nothing is static? SSH.COM’s Jimmy Mills discusses why granting, revoking and managing access to the critical infrastructure needs innovation. Learn how identities are federated, access management is mostly automated with Zero Trust authentication, global cloud inventories auto-discovered, deployment is fast & scalable – and access is granted just-in-time, with the right amount of privilege for the task at hand.

Speaker: Jimmy Mills, Sr. Solutions Architect, SSH

As the importance of a robust security infrastructure continues to grow, many organizations are struggling, stuck in a notion that security hinders innovation. However, many would argue this is not the case and an effective cybersecurity platform can in fact accelerate innovation.

In this session, we will discuss how to utilize cybersecurity technologies and strategies to provide a bedrock of innovation across products and processes.


Audrey Foster, Director, Technology Governance, Risk & Compliance, Information Security, Align

Janet Heins, CISO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

Learn how to  turn the IT security battle in favor of defenders with intrinsic security by combining firewalling and workload protection to lock down known good application behavior and reduce the organization’s attack surface. NSX technology and VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network vision are redefining what networking and security mean in the cloud era.


Session led by VMware

It’s no surprise that cloud computing has grown in popularity as much as it has, as its allure and promise offer newfound flexibility for enterprises, everything from saving time and money to improving agility and scalability. On the other hand, on-premise applications are reliable, secure, and allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud often cannot. But there’s agreement among IT decision-makers that in addition to their on-premise and legacy systems, they’ll need to leverage new cloud and SaaS applications to achieve their business goals.

Speaker: Kyle Parrish, Director – Technology Risk, Fidelity Investments

According to Gartner, the RPA market grew over 63% last year, making it the fastest growing enterprise software category. The beauty of RPA is that it enables customers to bring a level of automation to legacy processes without having to rip and replace legacy systems. But when, where and how should it be applied to ensure effective use?

Speaker: Susheel Nesargi, Head of Intelligent Automation, Banking Solutions, FIS Global

Is your IT department struggling to deliver successful projects? Is your organization failing to embrace the outcomes of completed projects? This session will address the root-causes and symptoms of an underperforming project portfolio and leave the audience with practical solutions to help IT leaders drive value for the business.

Speaker: Teodoa Siman, Sr. Research Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group

Mobile devices are a critical tool for productivity in today’s mobile first, cloud driven world, but how are we protecting the data being accessed outside of the perimeter? With mobile proliferating across the enterprise, a new approach to security is required to address the newly emerging challenges and risks.

Speaker: Andy Olpin, Sales Engineer, Lookout

The way we work is changing. Technological advancements, an increasingly varied workforce, and new employee demands are triggering fundamental shifts in the working world. Join us to learn more about the expansion of the remote and distributed workforce, in line with future of work trends, and how a unified approach to cloud-based communications and collaboration can help to engage employees and improve productivity across the digital workplace.

Session led by Fuze

There is a new breed of cyber attacker on the rise. Scalable deception technology finds sophisticated attackers that existing detection vendors cannot by deploying a minefield of highly-credible decoys (i.e. emulations) alongside assets of any kind within your network. Through accurate and rapid detection one can reduce the impact from destruction of enterprise assets, theft of data, and overall disruption of business operations. Advanced real-time forensics and analysis, coupled with high accuracy, uniquely empowers your SOC to take immediate action (high-fidelity) and disrupt all attacks within the network perimeter or cloud. Terminate the attack through a rich eco-system partnership that integrates with your existing operations and defense-in-depth vendor solutions, out-of-the-box. Deception technology improves compliance, including GDPR, PCI-3.2, HIPAA data, and many other national and state data breach laws, along with other regulatory requirements. A multi-tiered deception platform provides the greatest breadth and depth of coverage at the lowest cost to the enterprise. Are you ready to get offensive with your cyber defense?


Speaker: Frank Sacco, VP of Global Sales, TrapX

Businesses have high expectations of their technical investment. New technologies must reduce costs, increase security, enhance productivity or improve workflows and communications. But despite the major role technology strategy plays, the relationship between the three pillars of IT, Security and the Business remains a challenge for many.

Session Leaders:

Elliott Franklin, Director – IT Governance & Security, Leows Hotels & Co

Audrey Foster, Director, Technology Governance, Risk & Compliance, Information Security, Align

Frankie Ramos, CISO, DHL

SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, concludes the day by providing an overview of some of the key discussion points raised during a day packed full of content. 

After a day packed with content, the Evening Reception provides attendees with the ability to down tools, cement relationships built during the day and enjoy a first-class meal.

Tuesday, November 3

Fuel-up and prepare for a day packed full of content and conversations.

It’s clear that while 5G presents a wealth of opportunity for innovation, but not without its challenges. During this session we will explore the endless opportunities 5G can provide while covering the key steps to ensure you make the most out of this revolutionary change in the industry.

Speaker: Bobby Perkins, SVP global Network & Infrastructure, Bank of America

Financial service institutions and online merchants have unique challenges when it comes to fraud and are facing ever-more-dangerous threats. We will talk about how ACI is allowing banks and merchants to combat fraud affordably and effectively via a patent-pending method that makes data readily available to AI/Machine Learning on historic information yet also available in real time for live transaction processing.  By using ACI’s Stream Analytic Engine and DataStax Enterprise to calculate and store features, ACI has been able to further reduce fraud for their customers by more than 26% while simultaneously also providing a 3% increase in acceptance rates. The combination of these improvements is returning millions of dollars in cost savings and added revenue for their customers.

Speaker: Gonzalo Urday, Data Architect at DataStax 


The digital economy is forcing enterprises to transform how they connect customers, partners, employees and operations. Today’s market leaders credit their speed and business advantages to their digital platform. Equinix will share insights into how global industry leaders deployed a digital edge by removing distance, leveraging edge & cloud computing, and interconnecting ecosystems.

Speaker: Lou Najdzin, Sr. Director – Field Development Americas, Equinix

Delivering endpoint security in an increasingly mobile environment comes with some major challenges. Growing businesses need to take a new approach to ensure they stay protected, to look after remote users and to do all these things while keeping costs down and reducing the administration overhead. This session will explore models which add new levels of reassurance to IT security by allowing companies of all sizes to gain access to the best equipment and most talented security experts.

Speaker: Jim Hayes, Solution Strategist, New Signature

According to Flexera, 94% of IT operations are already using cloud technologies but 47% say that they have less control over application estate as it moves into the cloud. Clearly migrating to the cloud is not without its challenges. Many issues with cloud migration come from lack of implementing best practices. When migrating to the cloud, organizations failed to understand application dependencies before deploying or did not test everything before deploying or did not consider the effect consolidation, virtualization or cloud security would have on the infracture. In the end, struggles with cloud migration results in loss of end user visibility and costly performance degradations. In this session, find out the six steps to a successful cloud migration so you can gain back control and deliver on the promise of flawless end user experience.

Speaker: Mike Canney, Product Strategy, Accedian

Moderator: Ana Roldan, CISO, NOVA Southeastern University


Deena Swatzie, Vice President – IT Security & Compliance Risk, SunTrust

Karen Mincey, VP IT & CIO, TECO Energy

Gabriella Nelms, VP Cloud Security, Truist

As businesses and organizations embrace their own digital transformation (DX) journey, change management becomes a critical success factor. However, success heavily depends on the people using the technology. Change management goes beyond acquiring an executive sponsor or providing staff training, it is about changing the mindset of the employees, impacts to their daily routine and how to operationalize it. The promise of rapid deployment and time to value hinge on having a strong change management program in place. How do we can change adopted across all levels of the company?

Session Leaders:

Todd Putvinxki, VP IT, Siemens

SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, concludes the Forum by providing an overview of some of the key discussion points raised during an event packed full of content and conversations.