SINC Concierge Marketing

As the technology market continues to innovate at lightening pace we are seeing that company value propositions are becoming more complicated and high level discussions are not always generating the interest and understanding from prospects as it once did. To combat this SINC has developed a Concierge Marketing Division that is dedicated to a deeper and more boutique style of messaging and engagement than any other available service.

This division works with clients to build private dinners, exclusive day-long forums and company driven workshops. Every option is fully customizable and focuses on the alignment of marketing and sales targets with true brand engagement and recognition.

By combining SINCs ongoing market research and huge database of senior IT decision makers with a clients top target accounts and solid brand awareness we have a format that allows you to intimately engage and educate senior executives in a way that truly has a lasting impact on your business.

SINC Dinners

Some of the most popular ways to engage executives outside of the traditional formats offered in the space. SINC dinners can be delivered in conjunction with a SINC forum for additional branding and exposure or alongside conferences like RSA, SXSW and Dreamforce.

By targeting only executives pre-determined by SINC and the client the dinner truly becomes a valuable opportunity for sales and marketing executives to expand their relationships with the top clients beyond the boardroom.

With up to 10 target accounts attending the dinner all you will need to focus on is the networking and valuable discussion as SINC secures unique 5 star dining experiences in any city including private rooms, chefs tables and tours of Michelin star kitchens.

Download the Custom Dinner one sheet here.

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Need a custom solution?

SINC is capable of handling just about any style of bespoke program. The collaborative process before the event followed by SINCs commitment to long-term partnerships and impeccable delivery ensures that whatever your goal and desire SINC can take on the project and deliver the perfect program.

If you have a program you would like SINC to partner with you on please reach directly out to management with details at