Network with other top IT professionals in an engaging, dynamic Forum environment

How can a SINC IT Leaders Forum Value You?

As a leader in the IT industry and in your organization, there are many challenges facing you on a daily basis that impact resources and big picture planning. Information Technology is also constantly changing, with new products, services and trends constantly challenging those same resources and adding more challenges. SINC IT Leaders Forum have multiple presentations, work shops and think tanks that highlight other IT Leaders challenges and illuminate new IT products and services that can help your organization.

In addition to the continued education that a SINC IT Leaders Forum provides, meeting and discussing IT challenges with other IT professionals furthers your personal network. Building this network across industry vertical or region, creates a community that you can lean on for future challenges – hiring, resource management or product and service inquiry.

Post Event Networking and Follow Up

Following each Forum, SINC delivers a break down of the event which includes: feedback from presentation session, names, titles and contact information of the executives attending the event and sponsor contact details.

In addition to the above details, SINC also provides you with a SINC IT Leaders Forum upcoming calendar of further events you can attend. SINC is your one-stop-provider of on-going connections to other IT executives and further education. SINC understands that your success is vital to our success and we will go above and beyond to over deliver.