Retail, Hospitality & eCommerce IT & Security Leaders Content Week Agenda

Digital transformation in most enterprises is about improving customer and employee experiences, becoming data-driven organizations, creating differentiating capabilities with emerging technologies, and enabling operational efficiencies with automation. The goal is to evolve products, services, operations, and experiences to compete in a digitally-enabled ecosystem where there is potential disruption from startups, market entrants, health, financial, regulatory, and other factors.

In the midst of rapid market shifts, the temptation exists to chase technological “shiny objects.” In a race to adopt the latest digital innovations, we can’t lose sight of the importance of comprehensive solutions and unified architecture. Join this interactive roundtable to discuss the key objectives for CIOs and CISOs looking to filter out the noise surrounding health innovation and stay on track with solid health IT and digital strategies.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Organizations have been moving to the cloud for several years now, but in the last year, our world has forced nearly everyone to leverage the scalability and speed of cloud platforms to support a remote workforce. With so many critical business functions running from these providers, it’s imperative to protect our data, systems and assets. But traditional strategies struggle to keep up with the scope and scale of the modern cloud environment, which is forcing a change in how we approach our security assessments and mitigation techniques. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges presented to many organizations by the sudden move to cloud-based services and a newly remote workforce focused on business continuity, not security. We’ll also talk about some of the new ways we must evolve how we approach security and our internal programs to better align with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of cloud services and assets and protect our organizations effectively, efficiently and at the speed required by today’s modern attack surface.

Modernizing IT starts with deploying an efficient, agile hybrid cloud architecture – but this is easier said than done. Legacy status quo bias alongside a frequently imprecise public cloud strategy lead to lengthy and costly migration journeys.

Which applications should be in public, and which in private cloud? This roundtable discussion is a great opportunity to learn what type of challenges and opportunities your peers have encountered in their IT modernization journeys.

While most multi-clouds don’t leverage a private cloud, some do. But multi-clouds always use more than one public cloud. IT leaders need to understand just what they’re dealing with and how to successfully operate these systems. Here’s a no-nonsense look at how to manage multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud, along with discussion about best practices and tools.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

2020 was the year that forever changed retail. As brick and mortar closed, a dramatic shift toward digital services has taken place which has changed plans for growth. To sustain customer excellence in a post-pandemic world, retailers of all types will need to reimagine their business, incorporating innovative digital technologies to redefine the model of in-person vs. virtual transactions for the long term.