Research Council – Driven By SINC and The Institute For Digital Transformation

I’m excited to announce a new project that SINC will be launching in conjunction with The Institute for Digital Transformation to benefit our community of forward thinking and innovative IT professionals.

SINC will be working with Charles Araujo, the founder of The Institute, an industry analyst, researcher, author, and speaker who covers the impacts of digital disruption, the resulting transformation of organizations into digital enterprises, and it’s long-lasting impact on organizational structures, business models, and the future nature of work itself. 

As a business or IT leader you know that these are exceptionally important topics, but that they also require both a broad, holistic perspective and a healthy dose of reality. In an effort to foster discussion and leadership on these topics and provide benefit to you and your peers, we are forming a Research Council to explore these areas in more detail. 

This will range from targeted research on specific technologies and micro trends (sometimes sponsored) to broad-based explorations about the major trends impacting enterprises. In each case, however, the goal will be to analyze these trends and impacts from a real-world, practical perspective.

What’s Involved?

At this point, we are simply asking for you to volunteer to be a part of the research council. Members of the council will be given the opportunity to participate in research that is relevant to them and within their time limitations — there is no minimum time or participation commitment.

In most cases, research requests will begin with a simple survey. Given your initial responses, you may also be asked to participate in group discussions, individual interviews, or, in some cases, site visits. But in each case, your participation at each stage will be voluntary and at your discretion.  

The Benefits of Membership

There are two big benefits to being a member of the Council. 

First, you will be introduced to emerging trends and technologies and have the opportunity to explore them individually and with your peers. Many executives find this sort of periodic step outside of their everyday worlds to be a great help in keeping an open mind and an eye on the future. 

Second, all members of the Council will also receive copies of any research that we produce, regardless of whether or not you have participated in that particular research.

Let’s Get Started

If this sounds interesting to you, all you need to do join the Council is to click here.

Once you join, you’ll be invited to join a private LinkedIn group to facilitate group discussions. We expect to launch our first research project later in the fall and look forward to your participation.