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Industry Report:

The Pandemic’s Impact on Marketing: Experiences, Challenges and What the Future Holds

The 150 Marketing Professionals responding to our recent survey felt this is an unprecedented time. The majority feel professionally challenged because:

  • What used to work before doesn’t anymore. Events and many other marketing investment areas are inoperative.
  • Budgets have been cut and aren’t likely to return to full health any time soon.
  • A third are working on new products and marketing segments, but most do not have the go-to-market funding they need to launch.
  • Many are working in the dark, owing to uncertainty about competition, economics, and the pandemic.

It’s happening to almost everyone in marketing! We’re all in this together.

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Author of the Report

Tom Austin                                  
Member of The Analyst Syndicate

Tom spent twenty-four exciting years as a major thought leader at Gartner, Inc. Two years as global head of Gartner research. Continuously reinventing himself and his thinking to deliver provocative insights to thousands of clients worldwide while stimulating hundreds of people inside Gartner to improve their game.