Podcast – SINC: The Conversation

SINC: The Conversation

Our podcast, SINC: The Conversation, is a digital window into the unique engagement experience that is the SINC community: quality networking, genuine relationship, and in-depth discussion. You’ll hear directly from your peers—IT industry experts, leaders, and thinkers—and learn firsthand about crucial insights re-imagining the future, new strategies informing data-driven risk, and key relationships expanding the bounds of what’s possible.

Welcome to The Conversation.


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2021 Season Guests

Our two-episode conversation between Walter Ferrer and and Reinier Moquete is a deep-dive discussion taking diversity beyond lip service to explore its integral value to organizational health, business relationships, innovation and resiliency. Hear action-oriented leadership strategy, such as how to cultivate diverse talent in a talent crisis.

Our two-part series with Dr. Arlene Espinal, Deena Swatzie, and Maria Schwenger encompasses career establishment and development, mentorship and advice to the next generation entering tech fields, as well as top-of-mind thoughts on data security, ethical AI, and the effects of globalization on digital transformation.