The Analyst Syndicate

The Uber of analyst firms

The Analyst Syndicate is pioneering a revolutionary new way of delivering impactful analysis, insight, and advice at no cost to readers.

We’re a community—comprised of independent analysts, analysts who are now working in industry, and subject-matter experts from technology firms and service providers; a community that delivers wide-ranging value to both technology buyers and sellers. We also gain and share insights within this broad community of analysts, technology and business executives, and technology and service providers subject matter experts.

Just as Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the businesses of moving and lodging people, the Syndicate is disrupting the way industry analyst firms—and the analysts who drive them—serve our community and clients. We gather and share insights from our community, and we distill them to their essence in a variety of forms including written work, podcasts, briefings and advisory sessions.

We’re off to a great start, building a large team of independent analyst-contributors who will deliver more valuable, insightful content than they could by working individually. Our initial roster is filled with the most senior, well-respected analysts who built their reputations at the world’s top analyst firms.

We are aggressively expanding the team, while also inviting readers to join the community discussion and contribute to a larger, crowdsourced, collective body of insights. The larger the pool of contributors, the more collaborative, ad-hoc research projects our analysts can lead. And, the more insights and discoveries we jointly develop, the greater the value we deliver to readers and clients.

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Made possible through this partnership. We’ve introduced a new service to deliver timely, actionable analysis, insight, and advice through facilitated peer roundtables, weekly trend reports, quarterly coaching with industry leaders, annual goal settings and progress reviews.