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Blackfish is a business technology partner that helps optimize technology-led organizations.

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Over 80 years of combined experience, we are established leaders in the IT industry. We provide highly experienced leadership in retail, healthcare, banking, aerospace and defense, insurance industries and more. Our mission is to provide quick, immediate, cost-effective results through meaningful partnerships. 



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About the Authors

Jim Tully

Jim played a critical role as the Distinguished Architect at JC Penney’s, to help move the program forward into a sustainable model that ensured that all future designs incorporated the principles “Privacy of Design”. Under his guidance, JC Penney ensured that privacy by design was governed by the JCP Architecture Review Board. Jim’s career spans over 25 years in strategy development, finance, process optimization, risk management and digital transformation. His years of experience in various senior leadership positions, have driven successful Digital Transformation for a multitude of ‘Fortune 500’ companies. 

Sanjeev Pai

As the Marketing Architect, Sanjeev Pai helped guide the organization by leveraging his extensive experience in GDPR and compliance. He guided the CCPA program to understand the tenets of ‘Privacy by Design’ and apply those principals to over 75 systems across the enterprise. With over 25 years of experience in developing and managing innovation for top banking, hospitality, telecommunications and retail organizations, Sanjeev help JC Penney stay on the cutting edge of technology by evaluating privacy technology vendors, Sanjeev provided Penney’s with the expertise necessary to be successful in the rapid delivery of the privacy solutions.

Bill Victoria

As the Enterprise Architect, Bill lead the conceptualization and initialization of the JC Penney CCPA Program. After performing a rigorous Top-Down/Bottom-Up assessment and Risk Analysis, Bill helped JCP Legal, Security and the Office of the CIO to gain the funding and the executive sponsorship necessary for the program’s success. Bill brings over 25 years of experience driving and managing technology solutions in the aerospace and defense, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality and retail industries. 

Enterprise Services

IT Tactics and Strategy Advisory

  • Cost Baseline Optimization
  • Cloud Enablement

Operations Advisory and Solutions Delivery

  • Key Initiatives Solution Delivery
  • Revenue Management Optimization, Pricing
  • Customer Shrinkage, Fulfillment and Logistics Analytics
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

IT Privacy, Risk and Compliance

  • Sox, PCI, Privacy, NIST, BCDR

IT Governance

  • Architecture and Data Governance


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