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Systems of Experience – The Role of the CIO in Shaping the Future of Work

Systems of Experience – The role of the CIO in shaping the future of work  

Presented by: Trevor Schulze, CIO, RingCentral

The role of the CIO has been on a steady rise for the past several years. As companies continue to evolve and the way people work continues to change, the demands from today’s global, mobile, and distributed workforce are also rapidly evolving.  We’re at a point in time where the CIO, who’s role was once limited to ensuring that IT systems were working smoothly, is now front and center to defining the digital culture of an organization with a mega-trend at play that I like to call, ‘Systems of Experience.’  This presentation will focus on the role of the CIO amidst this shifting tide and what it takes to create a digital culture to support the future of work. 

Of the three components covered: $, CX and EX. Which do you feel is most important?

How important is effective change management in order for employees to embrace new technologies?

CIOs understand the importance of digital culture. What can they do to help the business embrace this mindset?

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