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Are you inspired by the recent advancements in AI? Are people in your organization fearing job losses? Do you not know where to start or what to focus on to ensure your organization’s competitiveness in the disruptive world of AI, machine learning, and analytics? Isaac will review the latest data on AI adoption in the enterprise and share five critical areas to guide your organization. 

Speaker: Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

As businesses and organizations embrace their own digital transformation (DX) journey, change management becomes a critical success factor. However, success heavily depends on the people using the technology. Change management goes beyond acquiring an executive sponsor or providing staff training, it is about changing the mindset of the employees, impacts to their daily routine and how to operationalize it. The promise of rapid deployment and time to value hinge on having a strong change management program in place. How do we can change adopted across all levels of the company?

Moderators: Anju Bissessur, CIO, IPEX Inc.

The digital enterprise is constantly expanding, with new IoT, cloud, and operational technologies all challenging traditional notions of cyber security. Safeguarding these evolving environments against machine-speed attacks has never been more difficult.

Yet the digital battleground now features its most formidable defender in Cyber AI — a self-learning technology that distinguishes friend from foe in order to thwart threats autonomously. With a Cyber AI Platform protecting your entire infrastructure in real time, it doesn’t matter whether the attack originates on a connected device, an industrial system, or in the cloud. Wherever it strikes, the AI fights back in seconds.  

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why only Autonomous Response can counter today’s machine-speed attacks
  • Where advanced threat actors exploit vulnerabilities in the cloud and IoT
  • What achieving 100% visibility can reveal about your organization’s risk profile
  • How the Cyber AI Analyst reduces the time spent triaging threats by 92%

Session led by Darktrace

IT can often feel like an unwinnable game, with limited resources, changing priorities, multiple stakeholders and increased demands. Too often, IT leaders must make decisions with insufficient information and without knowing the true effect on the business. Info-Tech’s framework removes the guesswork from what makes the business happy and predicts the impact of key decisions before they happen. Info-Tech will walk you through the three real drivers of business satisfaction, and help IT leaders navigate a world in which:

  • Only 29% of Business Leaders are satisfied with the performance of IT
  • 64% of CIOs are not aligned with executives on the role of IT
  • IT satisfaction has stayed flat, while dependency on IT has increased
  • Organizations that focus on Business Satisfaction dramatically outperform their peers

Session led by InfoTech Research Group

A hybrid cloud strategy enhances business flexibility by allowing them to address their needs using a combination of public cloud, software as a service (SaaS) and in-house IT resources. This hybrid strategy is the new operating model for IT, proven to boost innovation, ensure compliance in the public cloud, while reducing overall complexity and keeping costs under control.

During this session, we will be discussing the reasoning behind a hybrid cloud strategy, its impact on operations, process, compliance and most importantly, your people

Session led by VMware

Businesses have high expectations of their technical investment. New technologies must reduce costs, increase security, enhance productivity or improve workflows and communications. But despite the major role technology strategy plays, the relationship between the three pillars of IT, Security and the Business remains a challenge for many.


Akshay Bissoon, CIO, Lussier Dale Parizeau

Pierre-Martin Tardif, CISO, Université de Sherbrooke

According to Gartner, the RPA market grew over 63% last year, making it the fastest growing enterprise software category. The beauty of RPA is that it enables customers to bring a level of automation to legacy processes without having to rip and replace legacy systems. But when, where and how should it be applied to ensure effective use?

Blockchain has emerged as a foundational technology, but there is still groundwork to be done on standards development and the governance of change — and doing that work is critical to enterprise strategy.

In the debate over an all-in-one cyber security platform versus best of breed solutions, the overwhelming majority lean towards best of breed in order to leverage the most impactful technology. However, does true best of breed exist?

This session will look to explore this debate and how to implement a best of breed strategy when tech doesn’t necessarily integrate with other tech.

Session led by Fortinet

As data storage grows at rapid and unpredictable rates, enterprises need tools that can help plan for this growth. Dependency on data is increasing, but the threat and risk of data loss is growing in both variety and volume. Regardless of the size or data storage requirements of your organization, whether on prem, in the cloud or a hybrid of both, this session will explore options for specific enterprise needs and the solutions to match.

Session led by ServiceNow

Technology and operations have never been closer. As technology continues to drive the business and organizations of all sizes become ‘technology first’, the CIO has found a natural evolution into the world of operations. But how far does this journey go? Will the CIOs of today be the CEOs of tomorrow?

SINC’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Cenamor, concludes the Forum by providing an overview of some of the key discussion points raised during an event packed full of content and conversations.

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