Midwest IT & Security Leaders 2022 Forum Agenda

Threat actors, Red-Teams, and Ransomware have been abusing Active Directory for years. In fact, attackers have compromised or leveraged AD in 100% of the successful ransomware attacks over the last 3 years. This discussion will discuss new technologies to help you visualize the risk in your AD and add a layer of security around this very important part of enterprise infrastructure. 

Speaker: Tom Atkins, Area Vice President, Attivo

Presented by: Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks


Zero Trust has got to be one of the most talked about themes in cyber security.  While the term means different things to different people, there are two things that can be agreed on:  it’s a journey worth taking and microsegmentation is a key pillar of that journey. The next question always is how do you get started?

Regardless of the sophistication of ransomware, the end goal is always the same:  get in through a vulnerability and move laterally through your network.  Join this presentation as we help peel back the layers to provide you simple steps to protect yourself from these threats that include:

  • Gaining visibility to where you are the most vulnerable
  • Closing risky ports 
  • Leveraging tools you already have in place without adding layers of complexity

While the journey can seem intimidating, we’ll help you realize that it doesn’t take a team of 100 or a PhD to deploy zero trust microsegmentation that will protect your organization and keep ransomware at bay.

Presented by: Illumio


With Incident Response as the new normal, ensuring that our systems and processes support that effort and threat hunting are working as expected. We will discuss why and how to establish a Continuous Security Validation (CSV) program within your organization. Specifically, how such a program evolves beyond Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) and provides teams a continuous feedback loop to understand their posture and identify gaps as they arise. 

Presented by: AttackIQ

Three forces are colliding to create a perfect cyberstorm: An escalated threat level, a cybersecurity talent shortage and the growing complexity that comes with managing a multitude of security solutions. This storm is driving change, forcing us to break down silos between endpoint, workload, network and identity. It’s driving the need to leverage existing tooling rather than bolting on more. And it is reshaping the focus of managed security services away from “busy work” and toward “expert work.” This session will explore a case study of a new type of MDR service from Open Systems. A new approach that offers shelter from the storm.

Speaker: Mike Meltz, Senior Sales Executive, Open Systems

Presented by: Open Systems

In 2021 we’ve seen major changes in the way that cyber-attacks, including ransomware, unfold. While the concerns and challenges are real, there is a framework to assist in enhancing your cyber-resiliency. Join this session to learn about:

  • Recent trends for protecting your organization from malicious attacks
  • Best practices to put your data in a better position mitigate and remediate against ransomware
  • Lessons learned from actual ransomware attacks
  • And more!

Presented by: Veeam


Enterprises across all industries are experiencing widespread digitization, accelerating the adoption of thousands of new APIs and the critical need to secure them for businesses on a global scale.  Public cloud adoption and cloud-native designs capitalize on APIs as a foundational building block for accelerating and optimizing business transformation. Meanwhile though, many leading analysts predict that APIs will become the most frequently targeted attack vector in 2022.

Importantly, we will focus on orchestration across business, technology, and security teams to empower API-centric business and technology strategies with a shared, complete picture of API risks from code to production.

Presented by: Noname Security

– Working with vendors can be pleasant, mutually beneficial, and accomplished well without significant time commitment

– Vendors offer a unique and powerful perspective that we should leverage

– As CISOs, we can enable a more efficient market by promoting and ignoring vendors as appropriate

Speaker: Brent Deterding, CISO, Afni

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Some think of the Dark Web as a mysterious scary place while others consider it their second home. Can both sides be right at the same time? What do these differing viewpoints of the Dark Web have in common? Perceptions of the Dark Web are subjective and dependent on one’s perception of human nature and interactions. Behind the screen there are real people who created and are maintaining the Dark Web. By understanding the persona behind the screen, you can understand your adversary and protect yourself. From my psychology background and dark web experience, I will present and discuss helpful investigative examples of crimes caused by human error and neglect along with providing useful tips on how to protect yourself.

Speaker: Yuliana Bellini, Digital Fraud Prevention Expert, FIS

The Digital Transformation Challenge: More Applications, Frequent Deployments, Greater Quality

Digital transformation in most enterprises is about improving customer and employee experiences, becoming data-driven organizations, creating differentiating capabilities with emerging technologies, and enabling operational efficiencies with automation. The goal is to evolve products, services, operations, and experiences to compete in a digitally-enabled ecosystem where there is potential disruption from startups, market entrants, health, financial, regulatory, and other factors.

Speaker: Rob Aragao, CISSP, Chief Security Strategist, Micro Focus

Presented by: Micro Focus

Digital Transformation in 2022 has taken on a NEW focus. With COVID and the forcing function of enterprises having to adapt the way they bring applications to market and collaborate; executives and leaders must have solutions that adapt, scale, and secure their assets. In this talk, we are going to discuss how enterprises can continue to equip their teams with solutions that enable speed and accuracy while also being very secure and scalable.

Speaker: Wesley Pullen, Field CTO, CloudBees

Presented by: CloudBees

By 2025, 45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains (Gartner) which are only becoming increasingly complex due to the changes in how modern software is built. These trends, together with new federal regulations, require organizations to take action to ensure the security and integrity of their software. But this is easier said than done. 

In this session, we’ll explore the software supply chain as an attack vector – by identifying risks and mitigation strategies throughout the software development processes and environment. Join us to learn how you can meet new requirements and protect your software from these attacks.

Speaker: Mic McCully, Field Strategist, Snyk

Presented by: Snyk

Your business is in danger. Be innovative or become irrelevant. This talk will be a fun look at common problems with modern businesses, how to avoid them, and how to thrive.

  • Metaphors to live by
  • Overcoming layer 8 and layer 9 problems (people alignment)
  • Pulling the sled in the same direction (goal alignment)
  • Taking inventory ( as-is & to-be of processes, and the gaps between them)
  • Meteor detection, deflection, and mining (conventional and not so conventional (yet sensible) Ideas about retooling)
  • New Habitats (re-imagining worlds and the enterprises that will thrive there)

Speaker: Mike Bachman, Global Architect & Principal Technologist – Boomi Office of the CTO, Boomi 

Presented by: Boomi

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As part of its research process for the Cybersecurity Trends 2022 Report,

Info-Tech Research Group conducted an open online survey among its membership and the wider community of professionals. The survey was fielded from August 2021 through to September 2021, collecting 475 responses. We asked some of the same questions as last year’s survey so we can compare results as well as new questions to explore new trends. 

Presented by: Info-Tech Research Group

New strains of ransomware are leaving organizations vulnerable – too often, security teams lack the ability to respond proportionately to an attack, leading to cyber disruption across the organization.  

Join this session and unpack some of today’s most advanced ransomware threats. Learn how Self-Learning AI understands the organization to reveal every stage of a ransomware attack – and takes targeted, autonomous action to stop the threat in its tracks.  

This presentation will discuss: 

  • Recent ransomware threat trends, including double extortion and RDP attacks 
  • How Autonomous Response takes action to contain an emerging attack, even when security teams are out of office   
  • Real-world examples of ransomware detected by Darktrace AI – including a zero-day and an attack initiated on Christmas Day 

Presented by: Darktrace

Innovation driven by DevOps, cloud and AI/ML emboldens businesses to expand access to the essential fuel for those programs– enterprise data. At the same time, stringent privacy laws and frequent cyber attacks increase pressure to mitigate sensitive data risks. With more and more interaction shifting to the digital brand experience, how can today’s enterprises effectively unlock the power of their enterprise data and eliminate friction between data usage and data security? 

Join this interactive session led by industry leaders to discuss the cultural shift modern enterprises are actively engaged in to make data more available, secure, compliant and resilient.


Alex Hesterberg; Chief Customer Officer; Delphix

Cody Taylor; Senior Director, Product Engineering; Dell Technologies

Presented by: Delphix

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Check back for updates on this session.

Check back for updates on this session.

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