Midmarket IT & Security Leaders Content Week Agenda

“What is your view about what Digital means?” 


This question was actually posed to us by an experienced and accomplished IT practitioner last month February 2021.

Our view?: We genuinely believe there really is something very, very wrong within the IT industry when a client feels it is necessary to ask this question, not in 1991, or 2001 or 2011, but in 2021! 

During this session, we will provide our latest research findings on the current state of digital transformations, along with the most common ongoing challenges that clients face when trying to understand and deliver digital transformations capabilities to their enterprises. We will describe our primary methodology for determining where your most effective ongoing digital transformation efforts can be directed. Finally, we will explain exactly where the next and perhaps, most valuable phase of digital transformation will take place, starting this year!

Kenneth McGee, Research Fellow, Info-Tech Research Group

Users have an on-demand mindset. Users want to be instantly connected to what they want, how, when, and where they decide. Users demand Integrated Experiences. Integrated Experiences are enabled through the confluence of information, integration, and interactions that transform engagement with customers, partners, employees. Integrated Experiences simplify your users’ life, increase trust and loyalty, and grant wishes. During this session we will explore:

  1. What are Integrated Experiences and how do they create an advantage?
  2. How do you get started on your journey to enabling Integrated Experiences?
  3. How is Boomi uniquely able to help you help your users through Integrated Experiences?

 Ed Macosky, Head of Product, Boomi

The urge to turn to technological “shiny objects” should be resisted. This year – and even into 2022 – is not the time for quick technology purchasing decisions. Instead, response to the events of 2020 has called for all IT hands on deck to adapt care delivery to situational safety. Any efforts to modernize or optimize technology already in place likely have been pushed to the back burner. Existing technology in the current portfolio is likely underutilized. Join this interactive roundtable to discuss the key objectives for CIOs and CISOs looking to ramp up the technology to meet strategic projects identified pre-pandemic.

Sponsored by Boomi

It is difficult for IT to focus on driving innovation when 70% of your budget and time is spent Keeping The Lights On. In this session, you’ll learn how you can transform your IT infrastructure with a cloud smart strategy – placing the right workloads on the right cloud whether on-premises private, public, or multi-cloud. We’ll also discuss how to use a financial analysis framework both to evaluate alternative solutions as well as how to build a compelling business case to achieve the funding to deploy the technologies that make sense.

Steve Kaplan, VP of Customer Success Finance, Nutanix

Modernizing IT starts with deploying an efficient, agile hybrid cloud architecture – but this is easier said than done. Legacy status quo bias alongside a frequently imprecise public cloud strategy lead to lengthy and costly migration journeys.

Which applications should be in public, and which in private cloud? This roundtable discussion is a great opportunity to learn what type of challenges and opportunities your peers have encountered in their IT modernization journeys.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Data Monetization is the core concept to the booming analytics app economy. Successful data monetization requires an approach that focuses on the highest-value opportunities that are consistent with a company’s overall business strategy. In this session, you’ll learn the following:

  • Strategies to turn your cost center into a profit center
  • Creating meaningful go-to-market by infusing analytics in your offerings
  • Best practices for setting up a data-driven business innovation factory

Charles Holive, Chief Monetization Strategist, Sisense

As a Virtual Mobility Service (VMS) provider, Hypori delivers an ultra-secure, centrally managed, reduced-cost BYOD solution that employees want to use. With Hypori Virtual Mobility, you maintain 100% separation of personal and enterprise data with zero device footprint. A mobilized workforce is our present and our future state of work. A virtual mobility solution like Hypori allows employees to use personal devices while maintaining privacy. Hypori provides the highest cybersecurity levels and addresses enterprise-wide technology needs. Come explore Hypori with us and understand how VMS can support your organization.

Brian Kolvalski, Senior VP Federal, Hypori

As cyber-attacks increase in complexity, frequency, and velocity, in our experience, many enterprise organizations are reliant on outdated IT governance. The organizational paradigm is limited by slow-moving bureaucracy and scarce resources. This situation is often the result of a limited understanding of the risks on the part of decision-makers, like board executives who rely on outdated corporate governance frameworks that were developed in response to accounting scandals – e.g., WorldCom, Enron, Tyco, etc. – not cyber risks.

Enterprise executives continue to propagate a compliance check-box mindset that values minimal security control investment to meet audit standards. The focus on audit/compliance misses the costs that may extend beyond regulatory penalties into financial losses that are not always small enough to recover from without significant repercussions.

In this session, we draw from consulting experience, candid conversations with security leaders, and empirical research to define the current issues plaguing enterprise cyber governance, while offering specific remedies for organizational leaders striving for an effective governance model that moves beyond audit compliance to iterative and measurable risk reduction.

Levi Gundert, SVP Global Intelligence & Customer Success, Recorded Future

In the wake of SolarWinds, we may have at-last discovered the answer to how it is our adversaries intend to pivot in the face of the prowess AI introduces to the battlespace. During this time together, John McClurg will explore what brought us to this pivotal point and what might yet stand as our best response to it.

John McClurg, Senior Vice President and CISO, BlackBerry