Healthcare IT & Security Leaders On-Demand Sessions

This virtual event took place from October 4 - 5, 2021

Enabling Value-Based Care

Presented by: John Reeves, Healthcare CTO Evangelist, Boomi

Delivering on the promise of value-based care is driving change in the Health Care ecosystem today. To digitally transform, a plan should be strategic. There are different approaches depending on your organization’s priorities. To achieve expected business outcomes for successful digital transformation efforts, a plan must be more than a technology selection. Its more than just re-platforming legacy models and their existing enterprise architectures. Many health delivery organizations (HDO) of all sizes are examining the cost and complexities of their enterprise architectures (EA) and assessing how their respective technologies best partner and support the strategic initiatives. The current pandemic has underscored the importance to reconfigure for a hybrid cloud future. 

Join Boomi, the leading enterprise infrastructure as a service (iPaaS) platform, as we discuss the innovative cloud initiatives and strategies geared for delivering on the promise of value based care. 

Key takeaways: 

  • How persona driven architecture can reduce operational burden 
  • How to approach the API driven healthcare landscape 
  • How to extend and modernize existing legacy service architectures 
  • How iPaaS can enable agility within an organization 
  • How to address increasing complexity in a rapidly changing market

Analytics Maturity and Company Performance: Are you keeping up?

Presented by: Jack Phillips, CEO & Founder, International Institute for Analytics

IIA has established itself as the world leader when it comes to defining high performance in data and analytics. CEO Jack Phillips will share insights on how the high performers define maturity, and share benchmarking data that will help you gauge where your industry and organization stand compared to others.

Building & Communicating Your CIO Strategy Post COVID-19

Presented by: Jennifer Jones, Research Director and Executive Advisor, Info-Tech

Join us to learn how to build and communicate a clear strategy for the next 30-90 days, helping your organization and your department while coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will take you through our ten-step IT Strategy:

  •  Prepare IT to Support the Business: Establish an Emergency Governance Committee
  •  Inspire Extraordinary Effort: Over-deliver on Executive Priorities
  •  Don’t Just Make Technology Work, Make It Awesome!
  •  Focus on Revenue & the Real End Customer • Protect Core Operations & IT Process
  • Capitalize on Emergency Business Process Innovations
  •  Re-Prioritizing Project Backlog: Keep Key Projects Moving Forward
  • Review & Revise Security Priorities in a Pandemic
  •  Prepare for the Economic Downturn 
  • Turn Strategy into Tactics 

Attack. Detect. Respond. Know where you stand to prevent the next attack.

Presented by: Jorge Orchilles, Instructor & Author, The SANS Institute

Our technology is vulnerable but the solution is not more technology. Security is all about the people, process, and technology. In this session we will discuss how understanding and emulating attacks in your organization can help improve, and hopefully prevent, the next attack as you train and improve your people, process, and technology.


5 Technologies you need on your radar for the next era of digital transformation and hybrid working 

Presented by: Isaac Sacolick, Bestselling Author, Top Social CIO / CDO, Digital Transformation Influencer

Are we heading into a post-COVID digital transformation 2.0? The first-gen of digital transformation was driven by investing in customer experiences, becoming data-driven, and migrating to cloud architectures while the organization learned agile, DevOps, and data science capabilities. Digital transformation’s next-gen will be driven by digitally enabled products, hybrid working, proactive data governance, integrated employee experiences, and AI-inside security and operations. Hear from Isaac Sacolick, author of the bestselling Driving Digital and President of StarCIO, on five technologies that are key to digitally transforming the organization.