Midmarket IT & Security Leaders Agenda

A brief introduction to the forum and provide an overview of what to expect over the coming days.

Jason Cenamor, Chief Product Officer, SINC USA

What ideas does an established and experienced CIO bring with them when entering a Midmarket organization? What are the priorities? How do you obtain company buy-in from the get-go? How about attempting all of this during a global pandemic? Join Ken Piddington, as he takes us through his first 12 months at U.S. Silica Company during unprecedented times.

Ken Piddington, CIO, U.S. Silica Company

Today, the primary CEO priority is growth, with technology as a key enabler. However, vendor policies pose major roadblocks to innovation, growth and competitive advantage by forcing you to spend limited budget, resources and time on projects that may not drive your business. ​Learn how you can take control of your IT roadmap by choosing a Business-Driven Roadmap designed around your business objectives and not the vendor’s. Leverage vendor software, but do it on your terms, on your timetable and with the flexibility, funding and freedom to focus on initiatives that support growth and competitive advantage.​

As businesses and organizations embrace their own digital transformation (DX) journey, change management becomes a critical success factor. However, success heavily depends on the people using the technology. Change management goes beyond acquiring an executive sponsor or providing staff training, it is about changing the mindset of the employees, impacts to their daily routine and how to operationalize it. The promise of rapid deployment and time to value hinge on having a strong change management program in place. How do we get change adopted across all levels of the company?

Jeff Roberts, Founder of Innovation Vista

Join a team with your peers to take on the SINC IT & Security Leader Quiz & Networking Hour with some amazing prizes up for grabs!

Join Isaac Sacolick, advisor, author, influencer and Artificial Intelligence expert for this open Q&A on everything AI and how it can be best implemented for midmarket organizations.

Isaac Sacolick, Founder & CEO, StarCIO

The beauty of RPA is that it enables customers to bring a level of automation to legacy processes without having to rip and replace legacy systems. But when, where and how should it be applied to ensure effective use?

Mark Annati, SVP Information Technology, Extreme Reach

Better management of big data can help midmarket organizations uncover hidden patterns, correlations and data-driven insights. They can also achieve near- to real-time prescriptive and predictive analytics and analytic decision-making for the future. As a result, companies can compete more effectively against both similarly-sized competitors and the large enterprises already taking advantage of these technologies. And this reality may be closer than many think. While SMBs face unique big data challenges, it is far from beyond their reach.

Jeff Baker, CIO Advisory Lead at NB Business Solutions

Looking ahead at the next 12 months, midmarket companies are most concerned with their cybersecurity strength. Industry research has found as businesses become more digital, these organizations believe security risks will increase in the next year. What steps should you take to avoid becoming the next victim?

Scott E. Augenbaum, Retired FBI Cyber Division Supervisory Special Agent

The COVID Pandemic has placed many of our IT plans on hold and many of us will be rethinking what our “Next Normal” should look like. What is clear though is that security will become increasingly important as we move our data closer to the edge through IoT and remote workforce.  And this security has to be built in, not bolted on.  And this security needs to be rooted at the core of the server, in its CPU and beyond.  Join us as we discuss why this is becoming more important in today’s cyber world.

James Morrison, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jesse Schrater, Director of Data Center Security Marketing, Intel

In the debate over an all-in-one cybersecurity platform versus best of breed solutions, the overwhelming majority lean towards best of breed in order to leverage the most impactful technology. However, does true best of breed exist? This session will look to explore this debate and how to implement a best of breed strategy when tech doesn’t necessarily integrate with other tech.

James Morrison, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jesse Schrater, Director Data Center Security Marketing, Intel

Elias Alagna, Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Malcom Ferguson, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Chris Tinker, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Join Walter Carter, Chief Digital & Information Officer as he walks us through the data fabric solution journey taken at Homestar Financial to enable greater data access and permissions.

Join your peers for the Virtual Escape Room Experience! Work in teams to stop the evil villain, Dr. Psionic, who has placed mind control devices in specified locations as plans to use them as part of his evil plan to take over the world!

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Richard Marshall, Contributing Technology Analyst, The Analyst Syndicate

To Cloud or Not to Cloud, that has been the question for some time now. For many, the move to the cloud has been an ongoing challenge. However, recent events have given the cloud a front-row seat in company survival. What has been holding you back? How can this be overcome? Is it too late?

The cloud war rages on, with 4 keys players cementing themselves as the top platforms and providers. But what makes one stand out from the other? Is it simply a case of personal preference or are there more, critical factors at play? Who will ultimately come out on top?

The digital economy is forcing enterprises to transform how they connect customers, partners, employees, and operations. Today’s market leaders credit their speed and business advantages to their digital platform. This session will focus on sharing insights into how global industry leaders deployed a digital edge by removing distance, leveraging edge & cloud computing, and interconnecting ecosystems.

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