Virtual Roundtable for IT Leaders

Amplifying Cybersecurity Through AI


Wed, July 31, 2024


12:00 p.m. CT

As AI continues to gain momentum, let’s take a look at the current value it is bringing to cybersecurity and where it may be taking us in the very near future. With much of the focus leaning towards detection and response assistance, there are many more opportunities we can gain value in by applying AI principles around securing identities, security operations, applications, and data. In this session, we will cover these key areas including:

  • Proactive Cyber Defense: Improving cybersecurity defenses, such as AI-powered threat detection to identify and respond to threats more effectively
  • Secure Application Development: The application of AI in identifying, prioritizing, and providing remediation guidance to streamline secure development
  • Privacy Impact: AI’s impact on privacy raises concerns about data protection, necessitating ethical guidelines and robust regulatory frameworks
  • Human & Machine Collaboration: The importance of balancing the partnership between human and machine
  • Insider Driven Risk: Mitigate insider threats by identifying anomalous activities

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