Virtual Roundtable for Media and Entertainment IT Leaders

Revolutionizing Media and Entertainment Workflows: An Interconnection-Driven Paradigm


Mon, February 27, 2023


2:00 p.m. CST

The media and entertainment industry is facing significant business and technology disruptions that span its content supply-chain processes, infrastructure and application integration trends. A more open, flexible and agile platform is required to help these companies develop next-gen business practices and IT infrastructures capable of capitalizing on the infinite opportunities today’s media industry offers.

Explore with Equinix and AWS a new, interconnection-driven paradigm that enables media and entertainment companies to improve performance of content creation, management and distribution — all at reduced costs.

Topics addressed will include:

  • Get a technical look at media and entertainment use cases including how to optimize media workloads for the lowest latency
  • Explore how to apply high-performance, secure and scalable supply chain and connectivity ecosystems to respond to changing content delivery demands
  • Overcome critical barriers inherent in antiquated day-to-day work processes
  • Transform production and distribution models and seize new opportunities
  • Learn how to deliver high-quality, streaming content utilizing the most scalable and reliable solutions
  • How to use an AWS Direct Connect to establish private connectivity between AWS and yourEquinix datacenter, office, or other private service environment
  • How to reduce your network & egress cost, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a moreconsistent network experience than Internet-based connections to the AWS cloud

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Duke Duong


Duke Duong

Global Solutions Architect - Head of M&E

Ravi Medikonda


Ravi Medikonda

Director of Product Engineering

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Scott Rice

CIO & Senior Advisor

Former Sprint CIO

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