Virtual Roundtable for Manufacturing IT Leaders

A Modernized Digital Infrastructure is Key to a Resilient Digital Supply Chain; How Digital Technologies Drive Supply Chain Efficiency


Tue, May 16, 2023


2:00 p.m. CST

The manufacturing industry is in a state of flux: customers have greater expectations than ever for more innovative goods, more customization at scale, and fast or even next-day deliveries. These expectations put unprecedented pressure on global manufacturing supply chains. Today’s manufacturers need to be resilient and agile, not only to meet rising customer expectations, but also to cope with supply chain disruptions created by global incidents like natural disasters, geopolitical instability, health crises and raw material shortages. Manufacturers must address these challenges while also meeting sustainability imperatives—not only making their operations greener, but also proving they’ve done so.

New digital technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) can play a key role in helping manufacturers drive more efficient, resilient operations. However, these technologies are both an opportunity and a challenge: making the most of them requires manufacturers to capture, store, process and share massive amounts of data across a digital ecosystem of partners and suppliers. In other words, the future of manufacturing is defined by big data, and one of the key factors determining digital transformation success will be the ability to leverage data which lives in different silos.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Legacy IT holds manufacturers back
  • Distributed digital infrastructure enables greater supply chain resilience
  • Hybrid multicloud unlocks greater flexibility and resiliency
  • Go from fixed and fragile to resilient and agile with Platform Equinix

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Charles Lambert


ITOMAC - IT Operations Management, Advisory and Consulting

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