West IT & Security Leaders Forum

December 5 – 7, 2021 – Scottsdale, AZ

The SINC Southwest IT & Security Leaders Forum will bring together the top innovative IT and Security leaders across the Southwest region for 3 days of engagement. The forum will address the topics that most directly impact the resource challenges of the attendees, which in turn, will drive the growth of the Southwest region’s IT industry and community.

The forum will be geared towards strengthening the IT community across the Southwest, while creating beneficial networking opportunities that will contribute to the IT industry’s growth throughout the region. IT and Security service providers and executives alike will engage through presentations on top industry trends, one-on-one engagements, and open-discussion group meetings.

Some of the interactive session topics:

  • Creating and Promoting a Diverse IT Workforce Panel
  • Accelerating Innovation While Keeping Sensitive Data Safe
  • Driving Digital: How Every Business can win with the IoT and Real-Time Data Processing

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Sponsor this Forum

Southwest Executive Advisory Council

Roger Franke - Vice President, Aramark

Roger Franke

Vice President, IT
Elena Seiple - Executive Director IT Operations, MGM Resorts International

Elena Seiple

Vice President, Information Security
MGM Resorts International
Niel Nickolaisen - CTO - OC Tanner

Niel Nickolaisen

OC Tanner
nathan brock

Nathan Brock

Director, IT Operations
Chris Stoneley - Director, Cyber and Technology Risk Management - Royal Bank of Canada

Chris Stoneley

SVP, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Third Party Risk Management
City National Bank

James Alvarez

Esteban Velez - VP of IT and Cyber Security - Clasic Hotels and Resorts

Esteban Velez

Vice President, IT and Cyber Security
Classic Hotels and Resorts
Paul Duchouquette - CTO - CDG, a Boeing Company

Paul Duchouquette

Digital Leader & Services Architect
Vijay Mohnish - Vice President Technology - Ria Financial

Vijay Mohnish

Vice President, Technology
Ria Financial

Robert Martin

BridgePay Network Solutions
paul schaab

Paul Schaab

Director, Enterprise Services & Cybersecurity Platform
Caesars Entertainment Corporation