Zero Trust and Cloud Security

Virtual Executive Briefing

What cloud, enterprise security, and the zero trust framework have in common

Since March 2020 organizations around the globe have raced to maintain business continuity, frequently turning to public cloud providers and cloud-based applications. With users now going direct to these resources, organizations have inadvertently found themselves with a zero trust environment. Using real world examples, we’ll discuss the what and how of securing this new environment. 

About Vectra

Vectra® enables enterprises to immediately detect and respond to cyberattacks across cloud, data center, IT and IoT networks. As the leader in network detection and response (NDR), Vectra uses AI to empower the enterprise SOC to automate threat discovery, prioritization, hunting and response. Vectra is Security that thinks®

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With SINC being unable to host our local and regional events to support our IT community, we will be arranging individual Executive Briefings with Vectra. These 30-minute calls will allow us to share in the value of discussion and exchange impactful thought processes during current community restrictions and social distancing advisements.

Following the discussion with Vectra, SINC will provide you with your choice of a Grubhub gift card, an Amazon gift card or a donation to the charity of your choice.