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The Hybrid Workplace: Understanding Strategy in the Modern Workplace​

The office is no longer just a physical location to report in to for work. It is now a virtual platform where people connect with their colleagues to collaborate on projects and conduct day-to-day activities. “Where” a person works from is no longer a defined place. However, expectations for businesses to provide a positive employee experience and a collaborative work environment has not changed or diminished. Productivity is no longer dependent on the number of hours spent in the office, but rather on a flexible, accessible and secure modern workplace. So, how can businesses develop a resilient forward-looking strategy that can meet the expectations of today’s modern workplace?

Let’s get together and share ideas on how we can create an inclusive and productive work environment based on strategy focused on business resilience and today’s workforce.

About RICOH Canada

Since our beginning in 1962, we’ve been on the forefront of workplace innovation. Back then, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better and faster than ever before. Today, we’re empowering digital workplaces, which means connecting people to information, faster and more conveniently than ever before. We’ll help you to improve employee productivity, better serve your customers, and grow your business. As for tomorrow, that vision is already taking shape in our minds and labs. And as digital workplaces continue to change the way we work, our imagination will continue to help you work smarter.

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