The Real Attack Surface: Mapping, Tracking, and Managing Cyber Risk in 2022

Virtual Executive Briefing

Widespread lockdowns and work-from-home orders forced an acceleration in digital transformation around the world in recent years. It also expanded every organization’s attack surface – and that exposure continues to grow. Threats like Log4j reveal to us that IT management can only see part of the expanding risks they face. Increasingly sophisticated attack techniques mean the need for deep insight into the attack surface has never been more critical. 

In this discussion, we’ll dig into what industry peers are doing to address the growing attack surface, what analysts predict, and what others in the field think about the challenges they are facing daily. 

How it Works:

This engagement will take place at a time of your choosing with the personalized opportunity to not only determine the key discussion points, but also drive the dialogue in a direction that is important to you and the challenges you face.

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