Security Intelligence
Virtual Executive Briefing

Join a conversation with Recorded Future to understand how security intelligence empowers you with the context you need to drive every security initiative and strategic decision across your organization.

In many organizations today, intelligence and security are out of sync. Teams and objectives are siloed, analysis lacks relevance, and the response is slow and reactionary — resulting in lost time and wasted resources. To drive down risk while achieving meaningful operational outcomes, intelligence must be embedded into the core of every security workflow, function, and decision. This requires a unified approach for collecting, analyzing, and automating data and insights.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Explore the primary security intelligence benefits that directly translate to operational gains
  • Learn how security intelligence improves visibility and output, automates response, and amplifies value across six distinct, strategic solution areas
  • Get practical recommendations for starting your security intelligence journey with quick, measurable wins — and with maturation across additional use cases over time.

Register for a Virtual Executive Briefing

With SINC being unable to host our local and regional events to support our IT community, we will be arranging individual Executive Briefings with Recorded Future. These 30-minute calls will allow us to share in the value of discussion and exchange impactful thought processes during current community restrictions and social distancing advisements.

Following the discussion with Recorded Future, SINC will provide you with your choice of a Grubhub gift card, Amazon gift card or a donation to the charity of your choice.