Risk Versus Compliance: How to Level up Your Security Strategy Roundtable

DATE: November 10, 2020 | TIME: 2:00 PM EST

Why Attend?

As a security professional, focusing on risk over compliance empowers you to amplify your team’s value and speak the “language of the board.” This is true even if you currently struggle to relate your role to your organization’s bottom line or feel like you’re drowning in data that lacks context.

Join Levi Gundert, Recorded Future’s SVP of Global Intelligence, to learn how to strike the right balance between technical tools and practical outcomes by taking a risk-based approach to cybersecurity.

This session will demonstrate how shifting from tick-box exercises to maturity models grounded in security intelligence can help you achieve compliance with industry standards while strengthening your overall security posture. You’ll also hear real-world perspectives on balancing risk appetite and strategy execution.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Explore the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and the future of ISO standards
  • Discover a proven, comprehensive framework for cybersecurity that emphasizes risk over compliance
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between cyber functions and executive teams by creating a persistent information advantage for better security — with a focus on being profitable
  • Understand how security intelligence empowers teams to make better, faster risk-based decisions based on contextual data and metrics

Moderated by

Levi Gundert
SVP of Global Intelligence at Recorded Future

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