Orange County IT & Security Leaders Dinner

December 12th, 2019 • Mastro’s Ocean Club

Identity as a Foundation for Zero Trust: Never Trust, Always Verify

SINC invites you to the upcoming IT & Security Leaders Dinner in Orange County on December 12th at Mastro’s Ocean Club, which is located at 8112 East Coast Highway, Newport Beach, California 92657.

The goal of the dinner will be to foster great relationships among new peers in the Orange County IT community, all while enjoying education, open discussion on progressing IT & security strategy and delicious food and wine.

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Session Begins

Introduction (10 minutes)
The peer executive will engage the audience for brief introductions and discuss the format and key take aways from the guided interactive conversation and dinner discussion.

Guided Interactive Conversation (35 minutes)

Moderated by: Chris Niggel – Senior Director, Security and Compliance at Okta

Identity as a Foundation for Zero Trust: Never Trust, Always Verify

Today’s employees and consumers demand seamless digital experiences that keep their data secure. To meet these needs, your organization must move towards a more robust and comprehensive security posture. No one wants to be the next data breach-related headline. By adopting the Zero Trust principle to “never trust, always verify,” organizations can reduce their risk – ensuring that the right users have access to the right resources within the right context.

Most of us are now familiar with the term “Zero Trust”, seeing it emblazoned on many a booth and bus at security conferences throughout the year. The term has certainly reached buzzword status, and with good reason: Today, IT & security leaders recognize more than ever the need to move away from a perimeter-oriented approach to security. 

Therefore as Zero Trust is quickly becoming the dominant security model for the cloud, shifting the perimeter from the network to the people and devices that make up a modern workforce, the immediate question is ‘where to start’ & ‘what if I don’t have the resources to completely rethink my strategy?’

This session will focus on:

  • The Zero Trust reference architecture and steps to get there
  • Why Identity is the foundational layer to build contextual access controls from
  • Where does your organization sit on the Zero Trust maturity curve


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