Virtual Executive Exchange
for State and Local Government

Join in a conversation with Nutanix to understand strategies for modernizing datacenters and how other organization like yours have responded during this unprecedented time.

With SINC being unable to host our local and regional events to support our IT community, we will be arranging individual Executive Exchanges with Nutanix. These 30-minute calls will allow us to share in the value of discussion and exchange impactful thought process during current community restrictions and social distancing advisements.

We are also aware that during this time, the restaurants in your local communities are also suffering.  Following the discussion with Nutanix, SINC will provide you with a voucher for a family meal at a local business impacted by the current restrictions. We hope this can be used to support your favorite family restaurant.

Key Topics

  • Modernization of infrastructure and applications – Building an enterprise cloud with hyperconverged compute, storage, virtualization, and networking at the core.
  • Enabling Work-From-Home/Telework environment to be prepared for the unexpected  – Delivering secure, responsive access to application, desktops, and data to an unlimited number of users at any location and scale.
  • Discovering the True Costs of Cloud – Finding the Right IT Infrastructure for your organization
  • Instant and flexible Cloud-based disaster recovery – Eliminating complexity and reducing your total cost of ownership

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Nutanix was founded with a bold vision: to make managing IT infrastructure so simple that it becomes invisible. It all started with bringing together compute, storage, networking, and virtualization in one invisible stack. And now? We’re making clouds invisible too.